Flood Finder Chad 2017 Bulletin N°11 (11 October 2017)

Published on 11 Oct 2017 View Original

Flood Finder alert system is operational using observed water level data. Based on hydrological forecast, flood alerts are issued at N’DJamena, ‘Bongor’, ‘Lai’, Moundou and Sarh stations one week before.

Flood Alerts during 11 to 17 October is
- At Bongor, ‘Flood Warning’ - At Sarh ‘Flood Watch’
At N’DJamena, Lai and Moundou ‘ No Warning’

This bulletin provides static maps showing the variation of accumulated rainfall and anomaly during the period 04 to 10 October and forecast rainfall and anomaly during 11 to 17 October in Chari and Logone river basin.

Analysis of RADARSAT-2 Satellite data acquired on 5 October, 2017, indicate that localized standing flood water with very little impact on population and agriculture area was observed along Logone river between Lai and Bongor as shown in the map on page 9.