IDP Settlement, M'Poko Airport, Bangui, Central African Republic (as of 24 January 2014)

Published on 24 Jan 2014 View Original

This map illustrates satellite-detected areas of IDP shelters in M'Poko Airport in Bangui, Central African Republic. Using satellite images acquired on the 28 December 2013 by the QuickBird satellite, UNOSAT reviewed the airport grounds and delineated 22.3 ha of area where IDPs are living in shelters and in the open. Imagery acquired on 20 January 2014 shows that the IDP camp extent has increased compared with the previous UNOSAT analysis. The total area of IDPs occupies 26.8 ha as of 20 January 2014, although imagery shows areas where terrain has been cleared and shelters have been relocated. Note that IDP occupied areas include improvised shelters and, in some cases, administrative support and other structures. An area of expansion is also visible in the image as of 20 January 2014, indicating preparations are underway to accommodate increased numbers of refugees in the near future. This is a preliminary analysis and has not yet been validated in the field.
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