Damage Assessment in Bangui, Central African Republic (as of 7 Mar 2014)

Published on 07 Mar 2014 View Original

This map illustrates locations of destroyed structures within the arrondissements of Bangui, Central African Republic. Using a satellite image acquired 22 February 2014 by the WorldView-2 satellite, UNOSAT reviewed the city of Bangui to locate signs of destroyed structures. A total of 1,872 destroyed structures were located in the area of Bangui, with 1,341 structures detected in the 8 arrondissements and an additional 531 located in the surrounding area. Pre-crisis imagery used for this analysis was collected on 16 November 2013 and thus destruction documented occurred between that date and 22 February 2014; structures destroyed previous to 16 November 2013 are not indicated on this map. This is a preliminary analysis & has not yet been validated in the field. Please send ground feedback to UNITAR / UNOSAT.