12 March 2014: Central African Republic, South Sudan – Conflict/Displacement

Central African Republic - Conflict

• The security context remains tense and fragile, both in Bangui and in the provinces (especially in the Northern and North-Eastern parts of the country)

• Although the number of IDPs was decreasing by 16 per cent in a week (from 276 500 on 25 February to 232 000 on 4 March; source: OCHA) the humanitarian situation remains very complicated due to the negative impact of the security situation on the activities of the humanitarian actors, forcing them to scale down or even cancel some of their activities.

SOUTH SUDAN - Humanitarian aid delivery

• UNHCR raised its deep concern about the difficulty to deliver food and other humanitarian relief supplies to refugees in South Sudan but also to internally displaced people and host communities.

• Maban county in Upper Nile State hosts 130 000 Sudanese refugees.
Recent cases of severe malnutrition including cases of kwashiorkor disease among refugee children in Maban highlight the urgent need for a safe passage of food deliveries. While Maban has not been directly impacted by the fighting, the general insecurity and border restrictions along supply corridors have prevented the delivery of relief items since the beginning of the year. The refugees in Maban may therefore only have access to partial food rations this month.