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02 Oct 2013: SE Asia – Floods and Severe Weather


  • LAO PDR: Heavy rains since mid-Sep caused floods and flash floods, affecting ca. 220 000 people. Several evacuations and small-scale relief distributions have been carried out. According to available assessment information: no large scale uncovered emergency/humanitarian needs. On 02-03 Oct light rain might affect parts of LAO, mostly S and NW areas.

  • THAILAND: As of 02 Oct, National News Bureau of Thailand reports: 25 provinces are still being affected by floods. As of 02 Oct: 10 889 people have had to evacuated, 27 dead. On 02-06 Oct heavy rains might affect central and E Thailand.

  • CAMBODIA: Heavy rains since the third week of Sep, caused floods and flash floods in at least 10 provinces in northern and central Cambodia (along Mekong River). In total: ca. 374 000 people affected and 30 people died. On 02-03 October heavy rains might affect N, NE and SW Cambodia

  • VIETNAM: WUTIP made landfall on 30 Sep in central Vietnam in Quang Binh province. Strong winds and heavy rains affected 5 provinces (see map). As of 02 Oct: 8 dead, 199 injured, 2 missing, 372 houses collapsed, 194 137 un-roofed (mostly in Quang Binh), 25 783 houses submerged, over 52 800 ha of damaged crops. On 02-04 moderate (locally heavy rains) might affect parts of central-S Vietnam

  • PHILIPPINES: SW Monsoon caused rains, floods and landslides over parts of Central and Southern Luzon and Visayas. As of late 01 Oct, UTC, (NDRMMC): 32 dead (mostly in Zambales), 3 missing, 8 injured, 592 893 people affected in 7 provinces, 24 953 people inside 101 evacuation centers.

  • Philippine Sea: FITOW (“QUEDAN” in the Philippines) formed off the coast of Philippines on 30 Sep. It is forecast to move N towards Okinawa Islands (JAPAN), strengthening. As of 02 Oct, it is not expected to affect Philippines.