Cabo Verde

Pico de Fogo Volcanic Eruption, Fogo Island, Cape Verde (as of 28 Nov 2014)


This map illustrates areas affected by Pico de Fogo volcano close to Portela, Cha Das Caldeiras and Bangaeira as seen in a WorldView-2 image acquired 25 November 2014. The 23 November 2014 eruption, the first since 1995, occurred through a subsidiary vent located in the western flank of the Pico de Fogo Mountain. The main cone is not involved in the eruption as of the 25 November 2014 image acquisition. Several roadways in the surrounding area seem to be affected by the lava flow and are potentially out of use including the road from the Caldera to Sao Felipe city. Volcano related smoke can be observed in the area of the village. The inset of this map illustrates the lava fountains and related flow and smoke seen with false colours as captured by WorldView-2 image. This analysis has not yet been validated in the field. Please send ground feedback to UNITAR /UNOSAT.