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Brava Island (Cape Verde) - Seismic Activity - ECHO Daily Map | 03/08/2016

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• On 01 and 02 August abnormal seismic activity has been recorded on Brava, the most southern island of Cape Verde with a population of 6 000 people.

• The epicentre is located between Cova Joana and Benfica. About 300 people from these two places were evacuated.

• Brava is a stratovolcano; No historical eruptions have been documented.

• The volcano lies in the lee of the bigger Fogo volcano, which has had eruptions in the past years (1995; 2014). The EUCPM was activated in 2014.

• Scientist and experts in Brava are monitoring the situation and consider that the authorities should be prepared for a possible volcanic eruption.

• A crisis cabinet has been created, the civil protection from the Island of Fogo has been mobilized, and contingency plans are being prepared in case of a volcanic eruption.

• There is a small airport on the western side of the island, called Esperadinha Airport.

• The airport of Sao Filipe on Fogo Island (4th airport of Cape Verde) is closely located Cape Verde has four additional available international airports (Boa Vista, Sal, Santiago and São Vicente islands).

• The ERCC is monitoring the situation and is in contact with the EU delegation in Cape Verde.

• Latest info from national authorities indicates that the seismic activity is returning to normal.