Burundi Displacement Snapshot, November 2016

Burundi has continued to endure large scale displacement since President Nkurunziza’s announcement in April 2015 to run for a third term in office, with 3 million people now in need of humanitarian assistance. A total of 325,850 Burundians have fled the country since April 2015, the vast majority to Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In October 2016 alone, 10,000 refugees arrived in Tanzania. An estimated 110,000 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) throughout Burundi have been forced from their homes due to violence and natural disaters. Major funding gaps for humanitarian assistance exist; as of 31 October, UNHCR had only received about 49% of its $180.6 million appeal for 2016.

US Department of State - Humanitarian Information Unit: