Bulgaria: Biser Flood as of February 10, 2012 - Disaster Extent Map

from German Aerospace Center
Published on 10 Feb 2012 View Original

Due to the heavy snow that has covered Bulgaria in the beginning of February 2012, several dams were overflowing. On Monday, 6 February, the Ivanovo dam wall broke due to severe weather conditions and the water released inundated the villages of Biser and Leshnikovo in south eastern Bulgaria. Several other dams in this areas are also in risk of being damaged due to masses of water and snow.
The map shows the flood situation at the River Maritsa from Charmanli to Swilengrad. A detailed view of the broken and empty Ivanovo dam as well as the most affected village of Biser is shown in two zoom boxes before and after the flood.
The analysis is based on Radarsat-2 satellite data acquired on February 10, 2012 which is compared to pre-disaster TerraSAR-X data from 2009. A natural color SPOT-5 image of September 17, 2011, serves as backdrop image of the map. Please note that due to radar sensor characteristics the flood extent might be underestimated in areas with flood waters beneath vegetation.