Central and southern Brazil | Drought – DG ECHO Daily Map | 07/07/2021

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▪ Drought is affecting central-southern Brazil, an area approximately corresponding to the Paraná river basin.

▪ A lack of precipitation in the mid- and long-term across the area has led to current dry conditions, as reflected both by soil moisture and groundwater levels, indicating a very severe meteorological drought.

▪ Looking at the precipitation anomaly, the drought is likely to negatively influence general soil conditions and water availability for a long time. The depletion of ground water is likely to further constraint the water availability.

▪ Brazilian authorities have declared drought emergency for the Paraná Basin and all sectors affected by the drought in the region until November 2021.

▪ A large part of the affected area is used for agro-pastoralism (crop and livestock production) and drought has direct negative impacts on the sector. As of May 2021, according to the Brazilian Centre for Monitoring and Early Warning of Natural Disasters (CEMADEN), more than half of municipalities across the affected area have around 40% of crop area under drought. Moreover the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (EMBRAPA) indicates that the irrigated land and agricultural crops with long cycles are at risk.