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26 May 2014: Bosnia and Herzegovina / Serbia – Flood situation & UCPM assistance

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•As of 26 May, floodwaters continue receding. However, many rural areas around Samca, Brcko, Orasje and Bijeljina are still covered with water (as of 25 May, UN).

•According to the report of UN Country Team in Bosnia and Herzegovina (as of 25 May): 24 people were killed (number not officially confirmed), more than 2 000 landslides damaged roads and homes around the country (over 1 000 landslides only in Tuzla Canton); many roads were still in need of repair on 25 May and many areas remained without electricity. The affected population is estimated to be 1.5 million people (as of 24 May, UN, see Table in the map).

•Highest needs remain the provision of clean drinking water, healthcare and epidemics prevention and food for the displaced. Additionally, the clearance of displaced land mines and the monitoring of the active landslides areas are among the highest priorities.