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22 May 2014: Bosnia and Herzegovina / Serbia – Flood situation & UCPM assistance

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Bosnia and Herzegovina


•As of 22 May, floodwaters continue receding in the whole of the country. However, road access is still restricted in some affected areas and power outages are still extensive.

•According to local media, quoting Government sources, a total of 950 000 people have had to evacuate their homes since the beginning of the flood disaster. The affected population is estimated to be 1.5 million people in 60 municipalities.

•The Hydrometeorological Institutes of the country report on 22 May in the afternoon that water levels on all rivers are declining. The weather is improving and only light rainfall is expected in the south-east parts of the country in the next 24h.

•The on-site Union Civil Protection Team continues assessing the situation and assisting the country’s authorities with the coordination of the incoming international assistance.
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