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21 May 2014: Bosnia and Herzegovina / Serbia – Flood situation & intl. assistance

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• As of 20 May, according to the UN Office of the Resident Coordinator, the most severely affected areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina are Samac, Odzak, Orasje, Doboj, Bijeljina, Brcko and Maglaj.

• ECHO reports indicate that the situation remains complex, due to numerous landslides that caused damage to houses and roads. Furthermore, a number of cities and villages in the flooded areas have neither electricity nor running water.

• According to the Hydrometeorological Institutes of the country, on 21 May in the afternoon, water levels on all rivers are declining. Weather is improving and no heavy rainfall is expected in the next 48h.

• The on-site Union Civil Protection Team continues assessing the situation and assisting the country’s authorities with the coordination of the incoming international assistance.

Sources: ECHO, UN, National Hydrometeorological Institutes