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South America - Severe weather - ECHO Daily Map | 23/12/2015

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• Heavy rains and thunderstorms affected northern Bolivia over the last few days, causing floods and rivers to overflow, especially in the department of Beni. One person died in Guayaramerín on 20 December.
• As of 21 December, a state of emergency has been declared in at least 50 municipalities of Bolivia, due to heavy rains, floods and drought.
• Over the next 48 h, moderate to locally heavy rains may affect northern and central-western Bolivia.

• Heavy rains are still affecting several areas of the country, causing more floods and rivers to overflow, especially in the area of Asuncion.
• 100,000 people have been affected countrywide, with over 16,000 families affected in Asuncion and Nanawa.
• Over the next 48 h, severe weather, including heavy rains, strong winds, thunderstorms and hail may affect southern Paraguay, especially the departments of Ñeembucú, Misiones and Itapúa.

• Heavy rains affected Uruguay over the last week, causing floods and rivers to overflow, especially in the northern areas.
• As of 21 December, the departments of Artigas, Salto, Paysandú and Rivera were affected by floods and 954 people were displaced (455 in Salto, 315 in Artigas, 184 in Paysandú).
• Over the next 24 h thunderstorms and heavy rains may still affect Uruguay, including the northern areas.