27 February 2014: Central and South America – ECHO FLASH Events


Central America – Food Insecurity Crisis

• There has been a drastic deterioration of food security in the last three years, exacerbated by coffee rust in 2013/2014.

• El Salvador and Guatemala are affected the most. Families are exhausting their coping capacities and local response is insufficient.

• The current crisis is expected to last at least until September. High levels of vulnerability will persist for another three years.

• Food assistance operations may be constraint by armed groups controlling entire areas. (ECHO)

Colombia – Food Shortage

• Food, water and fuel shortages are harshly affecting Wayuu communities in La Guajira department near the border with Venezuela, due to the border closure. (ECHO, Relief Web)


Bolivia – Floods

• The current focus of the emergency actions is on the town of Santa Ana del Yacuma, Beni Department, where water levels exceeded the safety ring (defensive wall) and flooded the city. The population is mobilized to strengthen the defensive wall.

• According to the last official report of 18 February, 146 municipalities have been affected countrywide. (ECHO, State News)

Paraguay – Severe Weather

• Heavy rainfall has been affecting Paraguay in the past two days, particularly in the area of the capital Asuncion. Local media reported several flooding incidents in the outskirts of the capital that damaged homes and caused power cuts to about 18 000 users. Conditions are expected to improve later on 27 February. (NMS, Government, Local Media)