Bangladesh, Myanmar/Burma, India - Tropical Cyclone ROANU - ECHO Daily Map | 23/05/2016



  • TC ROANU formed over the southwestern Bay of Bengal, near the southeastern coasts of India, on 18 May. On 21 May morning (UTC) it made landfall in the division of Chittagong (Bangladesh) with approx. max. sustained wind speed of 102 km/h. It later moved into India and Myanmar/Burma, over Mizoram and Manipur states (India) and eventually dissipated over Sagaing region (Myanmar/Burma).

  • In Bangladesh, local media reported, at least 24 people dead, over 100 injured, over 500 000 evacuated, 83 978 homes partially or fully damaged as well as power outages and traffic disruption in the divisions of Barisal and Chittagong, as of 23 May.

  • In Myanmar/Burma, OCHA reports, as of 22 May, mention several homes and bridges damaged in the state of Chin, due to landslides, as well as several temporary IDP shelters damaged in the state of Rakhine, due to strong winds and heavy rain.

  • In India, local media reported two people dead, two injured, 2 500 people evacuated and several homes damaged in the states of Manipur, Tripura, Mizoram and southern Assam, as of 23 May.

  • TC ROANU had previously affected Sri Lanka, bringing heavy rain and causing widespread damage and casualties. National authorities reported 92 people dead, 30 injured, 109 still missing, over 186 800 remain evacuated and over 4 500 homes damaged, as of 23 May.