Bangladesh: Daily Disaster Report - 05 July 2012

from Government of Bangladesh
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District wise Flood Situation

Flood Situation in North and Middle Region of the Country:


Water level of all the rivers is flowing under the danger level. Water is receding continuously. Flood situation is improving. Vurungamari, Rajibpur, Nageshwri, Fulbari, Sadar, Ulipur, Chilmari and Low land and 58 Char area’s unions of Roumari are flooded and water logged due to the upstream water and heavy rainfall for last few days. 10631 people taken shelter into 69 shelters have started to return to their own home. The road breached previously at Golabari of Rowmari is repaired and road communication is reestablished. District administration allocated 810 MT GR rice and 15,00,000 Taka to distribute among the affected people of Upazillas. Relief activities are ongoing.


Water level of all the 4 rivers, Bhrommoputra, Ghaghot, Korotoa, and Tista is decreasing and flowing below the danger level. Flood situation is improving. 29 unions of 5 upazilla and 1 ward of the low land of gaibandha sadar are already inundated. As a result 60563 numbers of families are affected. 2 unions of Sadullapur and 1 from the Sadar upazilla are innundated due to the breach of the WAPDA embankment at Komoron and Kismat bala villages of Kholahati union of Sadar upazilla. Due to the inundation of households 8947 people have taken shelter into the shelters and on high land/road/embankments. 3 people died for flood. 1500000 taka and 491 MT rice are sub-allocated to distribute among the affected people of these upazillas. Relief activities are ongoing. Overall situation is under observation.

Bogra All the rivers are continuing to recede. Flood situation is improving. Water at Sariakandi point of the river Jamulna is flowing 7cm above the dabger level. 11 unions of Sariakandi, Dhunot and Sonatola upazila were flooded. 13 villages of Bhandarbari union and 4 villages of Goshaibari union, total 17 villages, inundated as flood control embankment of Raghunath village of Dhunot upazila was breached. Repairing of damaged embankment is going on. A boy drowned in the low laying char area. Water is flowing down from inundated areas. People from low laying areas of flood affected unions who took shelter on local school, flood shelter and embankment made by Water Development Board started to going back to their homes. District administration has allocated 100 MT GR rice for the people of flood affected upazilas (Sariakandi – 60 MT, Dhunot – 20 MT, Shonatola – 20 MT). Overall situation is under observation and monitoring by district administration.


Water level of the river Jamuna is flowing 15 cm above the danger level. Water is receding from the 40 unions and 3 Purashava of 7 upazillas including Deoanganj, Islampur, Sadar, Madarganj, Melandah, Sarishabari, and Bakshiganj. Flood situation is improving. A child of 8 years was drowned on 01-07-2012. 272750 people of 48260 families are affected. 18565 households are affected and crops of 6275 hectors are damaged partially. Huge area of Melandah and Islampur Upazilla is inundated by the breach of the Harindhara embankment. People from the remote char areas took shelter on the embankment and on the road. 1550 families took shelter there already. 133 MT rice and 1000000 Taka are allocated by district administration for instant distribution. Relief distribution is ongoing. Overall situation is under observation.


The Jamuna is receding and flowing below danger level at Sirajganj point. Total 52 shelters opened where 5745 people took shelter. 1 person died due to flood. Water is receding from low laying area. Situation is improving. 467 MT Rice and BDT 1101000 have been allocated for distribution among affected of different upazila. The situation is under observation and monitoring by district administration.