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Asia-Pacific Region 21 - 27 May, 2013, Natural Disasters and Other Events being monitored by the OCHA Regional Office for the Asia-Pacific

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  1. Bangladesh - Tropical Storm Mahasen struck southern districts on 16 May. The Joint Needs assessment (JNA) identified unment needs in shelter, WASH and livelihoods in Patuakali, Bhola and Barguna. The govt and humanitarian partners have started responding and further assessments are being conducted. Source: PDC, OCHA

  2. Myanmar - Inter-agency teams concluded post- storm assessments of evacuation camps and found that no IDP locations suffered storm related damage. The majority of IDPs temporary relocated in preparation for Tropical Storm Mahasen, returned to their camps and host communities by 18 May with only a few communities in rural Sittwe and Pauktaw remaining in the temporary relocation sites. As of 22 May, community leaders from Nget Chaung Camp, currently located in Sin Tet Mau village, indicated that none of the approximately 7,200 individuals intended to volunteer to return to their pre-cyclone camp location until the rainy season had passed. the international community will continue to provide assistance to all IDPs in their current location and will monitor the situation. Source: OCHA

  3. India - 3,000 people and 30,000 Livestock are affected by heavy snowfall in the eastern part of Leh district. The govt is responding. Source: Sphere India

  4. China - Some provinces in central and southern China have been affected by wind storm, hail and flooding, the worst hit provinces are Guandong and Hunan. As of 19 May, 1.48 million people have been affected in Guandong, 41 people died, 11 missing, 157,000 people were evacuated. 8600 houses collapsed. As of 20 May, 788,000 people have been affected in Hunan, 5 people died, 90,000 people were evacuated or in need of emergency support. 5,100 houses collapsed. Emergency disaster relief responses were initiated by China's National Committee for Disaster Reduction as heavy rain continued to batter most parts of the country. Source: Red cross, Media

  5. Marshall Islands - 6,384 people are living in 13 drought affected atolls. Four clusters (Food, Security, Health, Logistics, and WASH) have been established to support coordination of the Emergency Operations Centre. Strategic response plans have been developed by the Foods Security, Health and WASH clusters. Drought conditions persist in the northern Marshall Islands. Very dry weather is expected during the next few weeks in the northern atolls. Source: OCHA Sitrep No. 3

  6. Solomon Islands – As of 24 May, nearly 5,569 cases of dengue have been reported. ( 315 additional cases from last week). Six cases have resulted in death. The outbreak is caused by dengue virus serotype3. 86% of all reported cases are in Honiara. Outside of Honiara, Guadalcanal, Malaita and Western Province are still the most affected provinces however all report fewer cases this week. Helena Goldie hospital in Munda reports 21 cases this week. Preliminary results from Singapore identified dengue virus serotype 3 in 8 samples and dengue virus serotype 1 in a single sample. Source: OCHA

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