Flood waters in The Buenos Aires Province, Argentina - Partido de Luján (August 14th, 2015 - 22:36 hs UTC)

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The Pampas Region of Argentina is experiencing floods after days of torrential rain. Three people died and the Buenos Aires Province is particularly affected by the flooding, where over 11 thousand people have been evacuated.

It is estimated that 350 millimetres of rain fell in some areas, and the water levels of the Arrecifes, Areco, Lujan Rivers rose to breaking point, spilling out into the streets of nearby cities, including Areco, Reconquista, Lujan, Arroyo and Pergamino. The water levels in the Arrecifes River rose to nine metres, almost twice its usual level.

Relief and shelter is being provided to the evacuees as they wait for the flood waters to subside. The rain is expected to continue, but at lower levels than that experienced over the past days.

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