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Angola, Namibia | Drought, Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC) – DG ECHO Daily Map | 24/03/2021

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  • The drought is especially affecting the south-west provinces, recurrently affected by droughts, and by chronic food insecurity and malnutrition. In absence of above-average precipitation, the situation on the ground is not going to improve for many months ahead.

  • As water supply is diminishing, severe impact on crops has already been reported, with losses up to 40% and high risk for livestock sustenance. As a direct consequence food insecurity will rise, access to water, sanitation and hygiene will be further limited with negative impacts on health and nutrition.

  • According to the World Food Programme’s food security assessment from January 2021, 3.8 million people in Angola had insufficient food consumption, which is most prevalent in the South of the country. At least 62% of the interviewed households reported using crisis or emergency livelihood coping strategies.