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Afghanistan, Pakistan, India - Severe weather, 3/3/2015



• Heavy snowfall and rainfall and consequent avalanches and flash floods, respectively, have been affecting northern and central Afghanistan since mid-January.

• As of 1 March, the number of deaths stands at 286, the majority of which (195) occurred in Panjshir, the province worst hit by avalanches. In total, approximately 1 250 houses were destroyed by the snowfall and avalanches throughout the affected areas.

• The Government of Afghanistan has declared three days national mourning and requested international assistance.

• Over the next 48h, moderate snow/rainfall is forecast in places in central and eastern Afghanistan.
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• Heavy rainfall has been affecting northern and eastern Pakistan since 24 February. As of 3 March, local media report floods disrupting transportation, electricity and communication networks, as well as extensive damage to buildings. In total, 32 people were reportedly killed and several injured in the affected regions.

• Over the next 24h, isolated rainfall and snow are forecast in the affected provinces.
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• Heavy rain and snowfall have been affecting northern and north-western India over the past few days.

• As of 3 March, local media report four people killed in Himachal Pradesh and another two in Uttarakhand by avalanches and rockslides. The transportation network has also been affected, isolating villages in Himachal Pradesh.

• Over the next 24h, fairly widespread rain and snow are forecast for the northernmost States, according to the Indian Meteorological Department.
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