Afghanistan District Vulnerability Mapping - (Combined 4 Indicators): Landmines/UXO, Health, Food and Accessibility

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Sources: WFP Afghanistan Vulnerability Assessment
Mapping survey, August 2001. Population from
Central Statistics Office estimate for 2001; UNAMA Area Coordinators For further information contact AIMS at; WHO Afghanistan Health Facilities
as at 27/04/2002. Population from Central Statistics
Office estimate for 2001; Mine/UXO data from the Mine Action Programme for Afghanistan current as at 23/04/2002
Combined Vulnerability Indicators.

Note: large file size.

Initial version of map showing combined Landmines/UXO, Health and Food indicators. Released 1 May 2002. Adding Accessibility as a fourth indicator significantly changed district vulnerability rankings. In terms of relative vulnerability, 104 of the 329 districts changed their ranking. The inset map shows the initial rankings based on three indicators, the map above left reflects the updated vulnerabilty .