Special Needs Teacher at educational NGO

As our Special Needs Teacher, you will be responsible for the academic support for our students with special needs, understand the special needs of each student and take into account their styles of learning when planning effective teaching strategies.

Our special needs students have a range of disabilities from hearing impairment to learning disabilities (dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia), intellectual/cognitive impairment, and emotional development disabilities. You will ensure that they are fully integrated within the group of other same-age students during non-academic activities. In this role, you will work closely with our Homework Leader, Teacher, Project Manager and psychologist.


● Plan and implement individual academic support lessons daily with 3 students with intellectual / cognitive impairment and learning disabilities, based on their specific needs and academic level.

● Identify, through evaluations, the learning style of each student in order to develop a differentiated curriculum.

● Develop communication strategies and oversee the academic support of one student with hearing & speech impairment.

● Prepare a report on each special needs students, which must contain:

  • Information on educational background and family situations.
  • Samples of student work from various academic areas.

● Plan and implement one-to-one workshops with students with emotional and social development disabilities.

● Create and research educational materials adapted to each student.

● Ensure that all special needs students are integrated, especially during dinner time, clean-up, and monthly outings, as well as during any other extra-curricular activities.

● Hold a weekly meeting with our psychologist, and liaise with our homework leader and teacher.

● Communicate with parents in the monthly meetings as well as any other time necessary.

● Participate in weekly volunteer training.


● Fluency in Spanish

● Experience working with children with learning disabilities, intellectual/cognitive impairment, emotional and social development disabilities, and hearing disabilities

● Excellent self-management and organization skills

● High level of independence, creativity and responsibility

● At least 3 months commitment


● The position is voluntary (unpaid) and full-time (around 30-35 hours/week)

● Monday - Friday 2-6pm and preparation time

● Low-cost housing available

● A letter of reference and certificate will be provided at the end of the term

How to apply

Please send a letter of motivation, CV and your criminal record certificate to