Annual report Design

  1. Who is the H2H Network?

H2H stands for ‘humanitarian to humanitarian’. It is used to describe humanitarian actors that provide services to other humanitarian actors rather than directly to crisis-affected populations, from mapping to community engagement, accountability, data assessment or logistics assessments. H2H is loosely based on the B2B concept from the private sector. H2H members provide services to improve the way the world responds to crises, from mapping to independent needs assessments, from translation to surveys with crisis-affected people about the quality of the aid they receive.

The network emerged following the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) in 2016 and was formalised in 2018. It is now a growing network of nearly 60 members with an innovative network fund providing specialised services to support operational agencies responding to humanitarian crises.

  1. Background

The H2H Network is launching the Annual Report of 2021, an important communication product to be used for external promotion and awareness building of the Network and what it does.

  1. Purpose and objective of the consultancy

We are looking for someone to help us with the design of this Annual Report. The report is about 25 pages, and includes pictures, infographics, and other graphics to be designed. We want it to be a creative document, used both digitally and printed, with a focus on visual information rather than long texts. Please see a draft example attached, more exact text will come.

  • Client to supply final content
  • Design first draft of paper (A4, 23-26 pages) (iteration #1)
  • Client review & feedback
  • Refine and finalise design for approval (iteration #2)
  • Client approval of design
  • Prepare and supply final PDF and packaged InDesign file
  1. Deliverables

1x Annual Report

    1. 23-26 pages, including pictures and visuals (14 infographics to be included, text and example will be provided) in printing and web versions
    2. Indesign package
    3. At least 2 iterations
  1. Duration and timing

The consultant shall be prepared to complete the assignment no later than 2022 July 30th.

  1. Position of Key personnel

H2H Director, Kim Scriven, kim@h2hnetwork.org

  1. Eligibility, qualification, and experience required

  2. Skills and knowledge:

  • Adobe suite, graphic design knowledge
  1. Language requirements:
  • Written and spoken fluency in English
  1. Experience
  • Proven experience in designing institutional documents such as annual reports and other strategic documents.
  1. Remuneration

The consultants will receive 100% of total fee upon the satisfactory delivery of services. The consultants’ fee must include all taxes and other changes, including any VAT costs. Specialized technical equipment needed to fulfil services should be included in the rate.

The financial proposal (RFQ Form) must be In CHF.

  1. Technical supervision

The selected consultant will work under the supervision of H2H Network Comms Officer:

Hanna Sjödin, hanna@h2hnetwork.org

  1. Location and support


The Consultant will provide her/his own computer and mobile telephone.

  1. Travel

No travel is required for this mission.

  1. Submission process

Refer to the RFQ document.

  1. Evaluation of bids

Bids can be submitted by email to the following dedicated, controlled, and secure email address: sylvana.maluje@drc.ngo with the full title of this tender.

  • The administrative proposal must include:

    • A signed General conditions of contract document
    • A signed Code of Conduct document
    • A complete and signed Supplier and Registration form
    • A portfolio with relevant examples and references to showcase the consultant’s work and capabilities
  • The financial proposal (RFQ Form) must:

    • Detail the applicant’s anticipated costs in CHF

H2H reserves the right to negotiate based on the availability of the budget allocated to this activity.

How to apply

If interested please send an email to sylvana.maluje@drc.ngo