IT Support – Service Provider Overview

Kamara is looking for an IT service provider to support its ongoing organisational IT needs and infrastructure. This includes onboarding personal device set-ups and providing end-user device support and procurement.


  • Onboarding personal devices’ set-up
  • End-user device support and troubleshooting
  • Provide tracking (in a ticketing system or simple spreadsheet) of help-desk requests
  • Periodic audit for all users (10-15 users) including checking updates, AV, encryption, etc
  • Phone, laptop, and software procurement (research, recommendation, tracking, support)
  • Ongoing maintenance and support for domain management and website-related accounts
  • Implementation and enforcement of the organisational digital security policy


  • At least 5 years' experience in providing IT services
  • Experience in working with NGOs in human rights or similar field
  • Knowledge in digital security best practices
  • Commitment to human rights, equality and democracy
  • English (spoken and written) Preferred
  • Experience in managing and maintaining LINUX desktop environments

Time Required The following is an estimate regarding the time required, which may be subject to change. Initial: 10 days for first review and inventory of all users, any immediate support, and design of work plan. Ongoing: Average of up to 2 days per month, based on the following assumptions:

  • 15 hrs quarterly (average of 5 hrs a month) for user check ups
  • 2 x support incidents a month (approx. 2hrs each)
  • 5hrs per month ad hoc requests

About Kamara Kamara is a social enterprise that supports partners working to promote social justice to grow stronger by navigating the risks they face. We work with organisations engaging with topics ranging from equality to the climate, from grassroots to funders, to provide them with access to expertise and support that will improve their holistic security, knowledge-based strategic decision-making and, ultimately, contribute to improving their resilience for achieving their vision.

How to apply

If you are interested in providing this IT support please email your rate and credentials (e.g. CV or website) to with the subject line “IT Support Provider – [FIRST NAME]”. We will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis.