Face to face Capacity development for child board members

WAR Child Holland

Protection Program

Under OCHA funded project

Andama maeaan: Join together to prevent and respond to child labor and child marriage

WAR Child Holland- Background:

War Child Holland (WCH) is an independent and impartial international non-governmental organization investing in a peaceful future for children and young people affected by armed conflict. We strive to empower children and young people while enabling adults to bring about positive and lasting change in the lives of conflict affected children and young people. In the next five years (2016 – 2020), based on innovation of our approaches, and solid research of our outcomes and impact. War Child aims to evolve towards a globally renowned and recognized expert organization in the field of psychosocial well-being of children and youth affected by conflict

Main Objective of the project:

The overall objective of the action is to ensure that the protection of children at risk of child labor, Child Marriage, and other child protection concerns in the targeted Governorates is improved through CP response and prevention

Assignment description:

Child board training/) of children. War Child will develop the capacity of 36 child on**:**

  • Child Rights and child protection concepts including inclusion of children with disabilities, and legislation;

  • Leadership,

  • Strategic planning,

  • investigative research; how to design, plan and implement community initiative in the local community

  • Speaking and Representation skills, and Presentation skills.

The objective of this TOR is to find consultant/s who is/are able to developing the material and deliver the training and provide an Face to face capacity development for theChild board members on the above mentioned topics.

This training is aiming to build the capacity of 36 Child members as following:

  • CBOs In Mafraq: 12 child

  • CBOs in Hashmi: 12 child

  • CBOs in Zarqa : 12 child

Total number of attendees is 36 Children

The training will be held face to face in 2 geographical areas of Amman and Mafraq with 4 days in each location.

1. Scope of work:

WAR Child Holland envisages that the tasks and responsibilities of the training provider are the following:

1- To develop a customized training curriculum (in Arabic language) to achieve the objectives of the training for WAR Child’s audience and to be a reference guide for the trainees after completing the sessions. The curriculum is to contain trainee material and handouts and it should be provided to War Child ’s technical team for review and approval so it will be used across all the trainings for the (36) child.

2- To conduct a face to face and practical (full of exercises and practices and not only theoretical) training for (36) child on 2 cohorts, 18 children to attend 4-days training per cohort, 6 training hours per day, covering the needed training materials and conducting pre and post evaluations (The language of the training curriculum and delivery is Arabic).

2. Deliverables:

The trainer should be able to provide the trainees with practical and theoretical training. Moreover, the following requirements will be taken into account:

1- The training provider will provide face to face training to 36 CBOs members (12 child from each governorate in Amman, Zarqa and Mafraq), 2 cohort with 4-days training each cohort aiming to provide them with the required skills and knowledge through training sessions in the above mentioned topics;

2- The training provider will develop work plan and customized training curriculum for the training topics and obtain WAR Child’s technical team approval on it and the curriculum will be developed according to the instruction/features mentioned in the Methodology section in this ToR.

Note: WAR Child has the right to use this curriculum in other relevant projects without notifying the author.

3- Deliver total 2 cohorts of 4 training days; (18 CBOs child per cohort / 2 cohorts/ 6 training hours per day) in June 2022.

4- To provide WAR Child with training material (In Arabic ) at least before the training start day of 5 working days to be reviewed and approved by technical team.

5- An inception report within 5 working days of signing the contract with the following information, to be reviewed and approved:

  • Pre & post assessment form (In Arabic and English) to be reviewed and approved by WAR Child ’s M&E team before conducting the training.
  • Detailed timeline of the execution of the training and sessions.
  • Training materials (In Arabic) including training agenda, presentations, exercises etc.
  • Due date of the submission of final report.

6- Provide a final report in English language within 3 days after the end of the training including methodology & briefing, turning points, challenges, full progress of the training execution, pre and post evaluation results and set of recommendations.

7- Detailed report on all attendee’s participation and attendance.

8- To conduct pre and post assessment to measure the changes and progress, and to collect the feedback of the trainees:

  • The pre and posts assessments shall be reviewed and approved by WAR Child’s monitoring and evaluation team.
  • To enter the pre and post assessments on WAR Child’s internal account on KOBO (data collection Software)
  • To share row data (feedback) with WAR Child’s M&E team.

*Note:** WAR Child is allowed to log in the training sessions at any time to monitor the quality of the services and speak directly to the trainees.

9- The members of the Child Board should be able to design, plan and implement Community Initiatives and they should have all the skills needed to meet with local authorities and influencers from the community. The child board members will develop and implement 3 initiatives (one per area) targeting various community groups as identified by them, including local schools. The initiatives will emphasis creative and engaging formats and highlight key issues and actions prioritized by the group within the broad themes of this action – CM, CL, VAC. The initiatives could include, campaigns, peer education, theatre and music, presentations, etc.

3. Methodology:

The training methodology should be practical using the following: Hands-on" activities on the training topics.

  • Brainstorming activities and group work.

  • Ideas presentation and evaluation.

  • The course should include pre and post evaluation of the children’ skills.

4. WAR Child’s (child Board ) Responsibilities under this assignment:

  1. Meet with the training provider before the implementation to discuss and agree on main topics and schedule.
  2. To select the trainees and connect the consultant with them.
  3. To provide technical input to the training work plans and training materials.
  4. To assure WAR Child’s monitoring and evaluation team review and approve pre and post assessments before using them and to process the assessments and generate outcomes.
  5. To attend in the activities to monitor the sessions, discuss related issues with the trainees , and provide support if needed.
  6. To revise and approve the final reports on the training.
  7. WAR Child Holland is the technical expert, providing oversight, technical input to the training program. WAR Child is also responsible to ensure quality and timely implementation, and to approve the training material, handouts, post evaluation forms and final report.
  8. Review and follow up with the training provider the progress of the assignment, and any challenges, and actions to overcome them.
  9. Any media outlet, should be approved by WAR Child

5. Timeframe:

  • WAR Child Holland envisages that this assignment will be implemented during 15 full working days (2 days for material perpetrations + 8 days training + 1 day for reporting), and according to the following schedule:

1. Submission for the training material and the implementation schedule of the 11 training days (4 days for each Cohort) 2 days for preparing the material and one day for the report

2. Approval and/or comments from WAR Child ’s technical team on the material

3. Implementation of the training

4. Submitting Final report

  • Any changes on the dates should be reported and discussed with WAR Child before any amendments.

6. Training Team:

  • At least a Bachelor degree in Social Studies, Social Work, Communication, Psychology, Political Science, or related field.

  • Two to five years of training experience in training on protection, Child Rights methodologies, planning, activities , youth work and community initiatives .

  • Applicants should be ready to provide references on their past experience upon request.

  • Excellent English reporting and writing skills proven by samples of previous similar training reports conducted by the consultant.

7. Supervision:

The trainer shall report to the project Manager with close coordination with the Child protection Officer.

8. Financial arrangements:

At the submission and approval of the final report and after meeting all requirements, WAR Child will pay the agreed upon amount within 30 days.

9. Applications Evaluation Criteria:

The consultant will submit the technical and financial offer by email to the procurement department at WAR Child Holland all the following:

  • Separate financial offer

  • Separate technical offer

  • Trainer(s) CV(s)

  • One sample from previous trainings and concluded final report.

  • Copy of the company’s/firm’s registration certificate or commercial registrar (this applies only if the bidder is a firm/ company).

    The assignment application will be evaluated according to the following criteria. Please note that each point of the following will be accurately measured in the technical evaluation and the description of the response to each criterion should be very clear and labeled in the ToR:

  • Technical contents: this should be a unique content that reflects the consultant’s approach. Methodologies undertaken to conduct the training assignment, adherence to TOR requirements, reporting requirements, and certification. Rating 30%

  • Trainer’s profiles: the CVs should be for experienced and certified trainers with practical experience in the training topics. Rating 20 %

3. Financial Offer**:** Rating 50 %

How to apply

Interested candidates are invited to send their best offers to the email address the email should contain the following:

  1. Separate financial offer
  2. Separate technical offer
  3. Trainer(s) CV(s)
  4. One sample from previous trainings and concluded final report.
  5. Copy of the company’s/firm’s registration certificate or commercial registrar (this applies only if the bidder is a firm/ company).

Please reference Face to face Capacity development for child board members " in the subject line of your email application. Failure to do so will withdraw your application. Further, failure to provide your offer with all the required documents will withdraw your application.