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As part of the submission of a joint application with the German Herman-Gmeiner Fund (HGFD) to the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) for public funding of a project in the administrative region of Gabu/Guinea Bissau focusing on the empowerment of vulnerable families led by women aiming to improve the lives of children, the National Directorate of SOS Children's Villages Guinea Bissau would like to hire a Consultant, national or foreign, to carry out a feasibility study for the preparation of the above-mentioned project.

The feasibility study should provide a solid basis for the development of a project concept by identifying the preconditions, opportunities, and risks of the project. This involves, in particular, an assessment of the feasibility of a project and a systematic review of the extent to which the project approach can in practice achieve the planned changes in existing conditions. This increases the effectiveness of the project and helps to avoid poor investment decisions at the outset.

The consultant (individual or collective) carrying out this study should have a thorough knowledge of the national social sector (especially the child and family sub-sectors), the main public and private actors, and the local context in terms of the main issues affecting vulnerable families (unemployment, poverty, access to basic public services, family structure, alcoholism, drug addiction, GBV) and children at risk (child begging, child abuse, child labour, etc.), as well as public policies and measures regarding child protection and family empowerment.

The consultant(s) should have proven competence and experience in conducting social research. A social science background, e.g., higher education in social work, psychology, social pedagogy, community development, law, is advantageous. The precondition for the involvement of an external expert is that this interviews key SOS program staff for a better understanding of SOS programs and policies.

It is mandatory to ensure that the interests and approaches of the organization are well represented. SOS staff must be involved in drawing up the findings and developing recommendations. The person(s) carrying out this study should be well familiar with the main SOS policy documents, especially those related to child protection. The report should be written in English, so the person should also be proficient in English (oral and written).

How to apply

Applicants may obtain further information and/or clarification, including the Terms of Reference, from the SOS National Coordination Directorate in Bissau or request it by email:

Applications may be submitted electronically in PDF format and sent until January 31st, 2022 at 4 pm Bissau time to the following email address: CC to and

In case of impossibility of sending the applications electronically, the applicants may address themselves to the following address:


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