Logistics Coordinator (must be fluent in Portuguese) - Mozambique

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The MENTOR Initiative is a “not for profit”, charitable, non-governmental organisation devoted to reducing death and suffering from malaria in humanitarian crises. The MENTOR Initiative is currently providing ongoing emergency support to the most vulnerable communities in Nigeria, Mozambique, Angola, the Central African Republic, Southern Chad, South Sudan, Syria and Iraq.

The Logistics Coordinator is a member of the Country Management Team (CMT) and as such actively assists the MENTOR country team in achieving programme objectives in a timely manner and strategically develop its support in response to identified needs on the ground. He/She works closely with the head of mission, the finance coordinator and the medical coordinator in providing required logistics operational support as per logical frameworks and/or in accordance with the programme grant/award specifications. The Logistics Coordinator manages a team comprising of both expatriate and national logistical staff.

The main responsibilities of this post include the following:

Office / accommodation maintenance

· Procurement and maintenance of essential items for mission bases (generator, internet, water supply, computers, communications equipment etc).

· In close collaboration with CD, ensure security precautions are adequate for all mission bases as per context requirements.

· If required, source secure warehousing facilities.


· Carry out a full security assessment of the areas where MENTOR is operational

· In collaboration with CD, ensure the set up and regular update of security guidelines for MENTOR team members in the mission.

· Directly responsible for all logistical aspects of security management (fence, vehicles, security training of drivers and guards, comms etc)


· Ensure that MENTOR procurement procedures are applied and respected at all levels.

· Ensure consignment and Customs clearance of goods

· Directly responsible for the procurement of equipment for the programmes (incl. comms equipment, drugs, vector control equipment, vehicles etc.)

· Directly responsible for all local procurement of programme entrants and operational support items.

· Work with the HQ Operations Support Officer, at organisational level, on international procurement.

Fleet management

· Coordinate and ensure the maintenance and repair of all vehicles

· Ensure the proper usage of vehicle log books, fuel consumption, daily / weekly routine checks

· Keep current documentation, maintenance and insurance of all vehicles used by the MENTOR Initiative in the Programme.

Stock management

· Ensure that MENTOR standard procedures are in place for stock management at all levels (stock cards, waybills, stock requests, inventories)

· Coordinate and ensure the maintenance and repair of all generators, communication equipment and IT equipment.

· Responsible for the setup of a complete, transparent and detailed list of assets. Ensure all The MENTOR Initiative Programme assets are recorded and monitored / maintained

· Coordinate the logistical filing system to include all equipment manuals, maintenance schedules and logs documentation e.g. way bills.


· Initial recruitment of assistant logisticians, drivers and guards as required and following MENTOR standard recruitment procedures

· Direct management of assistant logisticians, drivers and guards

· Ensure that MENTOR code of conduct and internal rules and regulations are adhered to and respected.

Support malaria and other vector borne disease campaign planning and roll out:

· Train receiving agencies in necessary logistical requirements and ensure donor certificates are in place.

· Record distribution of materials to NGOs, MoH to NGO geographic coverage/ usage of materials

· Support the logistical aspects of distribution of LLINs.

· Support the logistical aspects of distribution of IRS materials to trained partners, and ensuring back up logistics for IRS campaigns as required.

How to apply

CV and a letter of motivation to