Business Support Assistant (HR) SC4/SSA4 Damascus VA001-2022

Closing date

Within delegated authority, the Business Support Assistant will be responsible for the following

  1. Collate information for inclusion in reports, documents and correspondence, to support the
    effective work of other staff.
  2. Respond to standard queries and provide timely and accurate guidance.
  3. Process and manage routine administrative and financial tasks in various functional areas, to contribute to the effective and timely management of resources.
  4. Manage and maintain records and databases, to ensure information is organized and readily
    available for staff.
  5. Maintain relationships with a range of individuals through provision of business support to
    assist in information sharing and service delivery to staff.
  6. Proof-read reports, documentation, correspondence, etc., making changes in line with
    established guidelines where appropriate.
  7. Contribute to improvement of business procedures and processes.
  8. Collect and perform basic analysis of data to contribute to quality business information
  9. Following clear guidelines and templates , keep track of registration of documents, maintain
    record of each work involved in (waivers, R&R and supported documents, danger pay, payroll,
    contracting, separations), and follow up approval chain.
  10. Support in the implementation of Onboarding Programmes and provide HR briefing to the new
  11. Provide administrative support during the implementation of Syria CO annual training and
    development plan.
  12. Design and Prepare PP Presentations, deliver Presentations/ Awareness based on the business
  13. Perform other duties as required.

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