RFP for a pool of Grant Writers

Closing date

The World Economic Forum has published a Request for Proposal (RFP) that seeks to solicit proposals from suppliers with expertise in grant proposal writing. This process will result in the creation of a pool of grant proposal writers, who will be invited to submit quotes on a case by case basis based on their subject matter expertise.

Given the breadth of the topics that the Forum is involved with, we are looking for grant proposal writers with subject matter expertise in one or more topics (referred to as Topical Capabilities).

Areas of topical expertise include: Climate Change, Ecosystem and Biodiversity, Financing the Sustainable Development Goals, Water, Energy, Food and Agriculture, Forests, Oceans, Raw Materials Extraction, Healthcare & Medicine, Mental Health, Diseases, Health Security, Education, Skills and Work, Equality and Inclusion, Civil Society Engagement, Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship, Cities and Infrastructure, Growth and Competitiveness, Circular Economy, Small and Medium Enterprise, Digital Trade and Trade Facilitation, Global Value Chains, Globalization, Fourth Industrial Revolution Technology, International Development.

Respondents do not need to have expertise in all Topical Capabilities to be eligible to apply. Expertise in at least one of the above areas is sufficient to apply.

The following are typical services and/or items that grant proposal writers will be asked to provide:

  • Determine grant proposal concepts by identifying and clarifying opportunities and needs and attending internal meetings as required
  • Coordinate requirements with contributors and Subject Matter Experts and Platform Heads
  • Develop proposals by assembling information including project nature, objectives/outcomes/deliverables, implementation, impact measurement and management, methods, timetable, staffing, budget, standards of performance and evaluation
  • Gather proposal information by identifying sources of information, coordinating submissions and collections, identifying and communicating risks associated with proposals
  • Write, revise and edits drafts including executive summaries, conclusions and organization credentials.
  • Obtain approvals by reviewing proposal with contributors, Subject Matter Experts, and Platform Heads

How to apply

Please download the RFP for complete application instructions.