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Based in Geneva, the Europe and Central Asia Regional Office (ECR) supports UNOPS offices throughout the region through management, financial and programmatic oversight of global and country-specific portfolios, clusters and operations centres, including hosting services; fund and management advisory services; project implementation; procuring goods and services; and managing human resources.

ECR ensures that projects are executed to the highest standards, providing a shared knowledge base and ensuring that best practices and lessons are disseminated between business units and projects across the region.

ECR strategy is to:

  • Strengthen UNOPS role in operationalising the Sustainable Development Goal, emphasising health, environment, and economic development.

  • Position UNOPS in the Balkan sub-region, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

  • Strengthen the implementation of ECR global and regional programmes, with revitalized partnerships in infrastructure, procurement and project management.

The Office of the Regional Director is responsible for the management of opportunities as well as strategic and operational risks for the regional portfolio. The office also provides strategic leadership, technical guidance, and advisory support and oversight to the operations across offices within the Europe and Central Asia region.

Within UNOPS, the Infrastructure and Project Management Group’s (IPMG) objectives are to serve the organization’s personnel and partners by broadening their infrastructure and project management capabilities, while disseminating best practices in both of these areas. Through this work, the group helps facilitate the successful delivery of programmes and projects around the world. The incumbent will play a meaningful role working within the ECR while working closely with IPMG in a Regional Advisory position.

The incumbent will be responsible for providing technical advice and support in infrastructure and project management to the Regional Director and the UNOPS offices across Europe and Central Asia Region. The incumbent will also play an active role in respect of strategic positioning and thought leadership as this relates to Europe and Central Asia. S/he will support the Regional Director and the country directors in relevant events such as conferences and in high-level meetings e.g. with government officials and funding organizations.

This role will support Europe and Central Asia region with quality assurance, support and advice regarding the implementation of projects (with particular attention to infrastructure projects, and partnerships development. The incumbent will support the partnership's development agenda in ECR through their expertise, regional contacts and ability to demonstrate a depth of experience in their field.

The Regional Infrastructure Advisor will be a critical link between ECR and its operations in the field, and IPMG. This position will report to the Regional Director. The incumbent will be required to work in a collaborative manner, with colleagues at all levels across the organization.

This role will be based within the region, in Belgrade/ Serbia, or Vienna/Austria, or other duty station within the Western Balkans/ ECR region, as mutually agreed.

** Functional Responsibilities

The Regional Infrastructure Advisor will be responsible for representing all aspects of the practice within the Europe and Central Asia region. Specifically, responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Strategic Positioning and Partnerships Development Support

  2. Represent UNOPS at appropriate regional or country level forums across the region

  3. Review proposals for infrastructure projects as appropriate, via the corporate Engagement system and provide advice to the business developers, Country Directors and the Regional Director accordingly.

  4. Provide advice and support on new initiatives, with a focus on quality assurance and quality control of project documents, costing and cost implications, implementation plans, achievements and benchmark indicators.

  5. Advise and assist with technical input to proposals, including project planning, governance, and approach considerations.

  6. Engage regularly in forums with IPMG Strategic Initiatives Unit to be up to date with current industry and development sector strategy and best practices;

  7. Technical Advice & Quality Assurance

  8. Provide technical advice and a quality assurance framework in relation to infrastructure projects;

  9. Provide advice to the business units on the quality and preparation of technical specifications, Bills of Quantities, bidding documentation, engineering drawings, construction methodologies, construction planning and programming, and assessments of contractors' technical capacity to deliver.

  10. Assessment of the quality of design and construction;

  11. Advising the UNOPS Country management teams regarding compliance with UNOPS Health and Safety and Environmental Management System

  12. Implementation Support

  13. Substantive support to the Programme/Project & Team managers in the implementation of infrastructure projects;

  14. Advise infrastructure practitioners on the application, interpretation and adoption of corporate policy, guidance and best practices;

  15. Advising the Country management Teams regarding design management and design review considerations and design review requirements, and being aware of the capacity and capabilities of the various in-house units across the regions;

  16. Support with the identification, engagement and management of local and regional consultancy firms providing design consultancy services.

  17. Knowledge Sharing and Technical leadership

  18. Dissemination of training for corporate guidance and instructions that impact infrastructure practitioners, as required.

  19. Ensure best practice guidance is disseminated and communicated throughout the region and within the organisation more generally.

  20. Participate in organisational knowledge by gathering case studies and best practice examples from the region, making recommendations on policy and tools, as well as participating in the development of guidance material and tools.

  21. Conduct missions to and undertake assessments of Country Offices and projects to review and advise on Safety and Health, Quality and progress related issues, and highlight operational risks, within the region.

  22. Provide expertise and support in the implementation of standards and frameworks, procurement and Works contract modality selection and management, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, OH&S, EMS etc.

  23. Project Management Technical Advice and Implementation Support

  24. Provide substantive support to country offices in the planning and implementation of projects and programmes throughout their whole life cycle within the region he/she is assigned

  25. Be responsible for providing advice to projects or programmes that may need to be brought “back on rack”

  26. Provide advice to country offices on how to embed Infrastructure best practices of project and programme governance, risk management, project and programme management in their Country Offices.

  27. Advise and provide expertise/support in the implementation of UNOPS Project and Programme Management methodologies, which are based on best practices as recommended by PMI andPRINCE2®

  28. Play a crucial role in advising UNOPS Programme and Project Managers on measures to strengthen national capacity building with regards to sustainable project management best practices, as well as other cross-cutting issues, and support a stronger focus on benefit management of projects

  29. Assist with the development of work plans and provide tangible support in helping country offices,

  30. In coordination with IPMG, the incumbent may assess the risk-based performance of project/programme and follow-up missions, and provide advisory support to field staff on UNOPS best practices, engagement risks, management models, and use of PM tools and systems.


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