Consultancy-Civil society engagement with the Inter-governmental Authority on Development (IGAD)

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The Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) was established in 1996 to supersede the Inter-Governmental Authority on Drought and Development (IGADD), which was founded in 1986 by Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan and Uganda, to tackle the recurring issues of drought and desertification in the horn of Africa using a regional approach. Eritrea was admitted in 1993 following its independence. In 1996, IGADD transitioned into IGAD and took on a much broader mandate that includes agriculture and the environment; peace and security; economic cooperation; and health and social development. South Sudan was admitted as the 8th IGAD member state in 2011 following its independence.

Oxfam is a global movement committed to building a just and sustainable world. Through our programs in the Horn and East Africa, we are working to support sustainable development humanitarian relief. We deliver life-saving assistance and protection in situations of conflict and disaster. We are working with others to mitigate crises by building resilience and tackling the underlying inequalities that lead to fragility. Campaigning and advocacy is a core part of Oxfam’s programming approach. We advocate to change norms, behaviors, policy and practice, working with others and using a wide range of tools. To further our advocacy work, Oxfam would like to develop a strategy for influencing IGAD.


Given IGAD’s broad mandate and importance in the region in shaping policy and practice in relation to drought and climate change, conflict and peacebuilding, women’s rights, refugee movement and economic cooperation, Oxfam seeks to strengthen its engagement with IGAD and support the understanding and engagement of civil society more broadly in IGAD’s activities. Oxfam is therefore seeking a consultant to support developing a framework for Oxfam and partners to engage more effectively with IGAD.

Scope of work

The influencing strategy to be developed will cover the work of IGAD in the region, its relationship with the AU, donors, civil society, political actors and other relevant stakeholders. The development of the strategy will involve desk research but also discussions with key informants. It will cover IGAD countries as well as their connections with other entities. The consultant will work closely with staff in Oxfam’s Horn, East and Central Africa Regional Office and Pan-Africa Program.

We are recruiting an individual consultant or firm, with the following scope of work:

  • Develop an IGAD civil society influencing guide that:

o Describes IGAD’s structure, mandate and internal processes

o Analyses the strength and weaknesses of IGAD

o Highlights the relationship between IGAD, EAC, AU and other regional and global multi-lateral formations

o Identifies key donors and supporters of IGAD processes and funding portfolios

o Identifies opportunities for civil society engagement, particularly in the areas of drought and climate change; peace and security; economic cooperation; women’s rights and refugee movements

o Identifies normative legal and policy frameworks and monitoring and accountability frameworks in place particularly in the areas of drought and climate change; peace and security; economic cooperation; women’s rights and refugee movement

o Provides examples (case studies) of constructive civil society engagement with IGAD

o Makes specific recommendations on opportunities and priority areas for civil society engagement

  • Conduct a stakeholder/political analysis of IGAD member states and their stance on agreed priority issues affecting the member states

  • Facilitate a participatory process with Oxfam staff and partners to develop an IGAD influencing strategy on an agreed specific thematic issue

  • Compile a list of key IGAD contacts to support civil society influencing

Specific deliverables:

  • Inception report outlining proposed workplan, outline of influencing guide, and methodology for developing a specific thematic influencing strategy

  • Written influencing guide (approximately 10 pages)

  • Power-point presentation for training of Oxfam and partners (slides and virtual presentation)

  • Specific thematic influencing strategy

Application requirements:

Interested candidates in the position are expected to provide the following documentation:

  • A short introduction stating why they are suited to deliver this project

  • A technical proposal with detailed response highlighting how they understand the TOR, with specific focus on addressing the scope of work including methodology publications to review, individuals to interview, tasks etc.)

  • Initial work plan (Estimated number of days and proposed timeline) and indication of availability

  • A financial proposal detailing the rate expected and any additional costs (transportation etc).

  • Company/organizational profile or CV including a minimum of 3 traceable, recent and relevant references.

  • Links to relevant products developed by the consultant

Timelines: The consultant will deliver this work within 1 month period.

How to apply

Applicants to submit the requirements above to

The deadline for applications for this assignment is on 2 December 2021 before midnight EAT.