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Fairtrade Africa (FTA) is the umbrella network organization representing Fairtrade certified producers and workers in Africa. It has four (4) regional networks – Eastern Africa; Southern Africa; West Africa; and Middle East and North Africa. Established in 2005, FTA aims to effectively represent producers and workers within the International Fairtrade system and provide services to them that contribute to the improvement of their livelihoods. The FTA Board directs policy and strategic development of the organization.

FTA works through regional networks which enable our members to have a strong voice in the governance and management of the organization. FTA has four (4) regional networks – Western Africa Network (WAN); Southern Africa Network (SAN); Eastern & Central Africa Network (ECAN); and the Middle East and North Africa Network (MENA).

A robust MEL framework measures and tracks FTA’s primary focus of championing decent livelihoods and living incomes & wages for farmers and workers across its region. For more information about FTA and its social impact work, visit


Fairtrade Africa is embarking on operationalizing its 2021-2025 strategic plan. One strategic pillar of this strategy is product and market development. This pillar aims to develop and implement commercial models to grow demand for Fairtrade products in the South and existing North markets while improving producers’ ability to access markets with a diverse base of quality and value-added products. Interventions in products and market development will not only grow the volumes of products sold on Fairtrade terms but will also ensure better the value proposition to various actors along the supply chain.

Fairtrade certified products can be identified through Fairtrade Marks. Fairtrade Mark(s) are all individual trademarks and certifications marks worldwide that protect the original design of the black core logo which are owned by Fairtrade International. The Fairtrade

Mark(s) may be used under a respective license agreement on consumer-ready products, including Packaging and Promotional Material, for the following use scenarios, namely

(i) Single-ingredient and composite (multiple ingredients) food products where every ingredient is certified under the Fairtrade Standards (e.g. a coffee pack);

(ii) Composite food products containing both certified and non-certified ingredients (e.g. a chocolate bar);

(iii) Non-food composite products containing both certified and non-certified components (example. cosmetics, cotton and gold etc.);

(iv) Non-food products processed or manufactured under specific supply chains supervised by the Assurance Providers (example shoes, sports balls and textile products, which are certified according to the textile standard etc.)

An overview of the Fairtrade Marks, including its various use scenarios and corresponding designs as well as a list of all registered and pending Fairtrade Marks worldwide, is available at]


As a sales consultant, you will be in charge of sales of producer’s products within a given territory/country. Specific responsibilities are;

  • Listing of Fairtrade products in retail outlets

  • Training and educating the prospects on the product features and benefits of the Fairtrade movement.

  • Training producer sales force on route to market effectiveness

  • Compiling the Master Sales Data (customer, contacts and volume)

  • The market in focus for this exercise is Kenya.

The target customers are:

· Tier 1 and 2 Supermarkets and their shoppers in social classes A, B and C

· Wholesalers

· Online Shopper Channels where the subject brands are missing.

· Businesses within the beverages value chain – Traders [Exporters/Importers], Manufacturers, Retailers and Brands.

Required output:

A detailed monthly report of:

  1. Sales volume and general brand availability in all the physical (tier 1 and Tier 2 Supermarkets), online channels, wholesalers and target businesses.

  2. Brand visibility in the subject physical and online channels.


· Sales objectives will be jointly agreed upon with a clear measurement protocol.

· The consultant will be onboarded where internal data and information will share in confidence and purely for this ask.

· Weekly Sales Reports per channel and value chain is expected from the consultant.

· Monthly and final consolidated report of the activity is expected in written and oral formats to the management.


The assignment is projected to begin on Nov 1, 2021, for conclusion by May 30th 2022. A proposed workplan for consideration is outlined below.

Milestone Allocation of days


  • Inception stage-2 days
  • Information and data preparation-3 days
  • Sales Activities-6 Months
  • Final consolidation and report writing- Monthly
  • Estimated Duration of assignment**-** 6 Months


A detailed report of the details listed in the required output section above is organized by country and based on monthly targets.


  • Should be detailed oriented to understand and articulate producer product profiles
  • Be fully computer literate
  • Able to work independently with minimum supervision.

· Degree in a relevant area preferred

  • Strong command of written and spoken English, with demonstrated ability to produce well-written documents, in clear, concise and correct language. Adept at giving professional presentations.
  • Extensive experience in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry. A network list of contacts must be demonstrated.

· Knowledge and experience in distribution, marketing and product development of ethical and sustainably branded products will be an added advantage.


· The application should comprehensively detail:

o Kenya Country focus

o Understanding of the assignment.

o Proposed approach and methodology to deliver the assignment.

o Execution plan

o Evidence of relevant/ similar assignments delivered over the past 2 years in Kenya with referees [this will be treated as confidential and only used for the purposes of quality assurance].

· Provide a detailed financial proposal with a commission structure plus all applicable taxes. This financial proposal should be milestone structured as consultant remuneration will be based on the achievement of specific sales objectives.

o The application can be done as an individual or an organization. For organizational applicants, attach consultant CVs, relevant business registration documents and a tax compliance certificate.

How to apply


Interested applicants are requested to submit their applications in electronic format to by October 22, 2021.

During this period, applications will be reviewed on a continuous basis until suitable consultants have been identified.