Senior Program Coordinator

Closing date

General purpose of the position

The Senior program coordinator is responsible for overseeing the implementation, administration, programs, and strategic plan of different projects.

This is a leadership position requiring an experienced senior-level professional.

It is 32H /week, to be based in Belgium (Brussels)

> For all tasks: The job holder respects the confidentiality of all administrative, financial and HR information.

Key: innovator, passion, and sustainability.

Reporting to: Chairwoman.

Responsible of: HQ Team (SB Espoir & Parrainage Communautaire)

Collaboration with: SB consultant & Communication officer.

Contract: 32H/week for 3 Years. CDD + transport + insurance +telephone.


The Senior Project Coordinator is responsible for the development and implementation of the “Parrainage Communautaire” project, in collaboration with Fedasil, and for the supervision of the Citizen projects (SB Espoir and “Son Choix, Son Avenir”) which comprises of building weekend activity plans for refugee youth aged between 14 and 18 years old, in collaboration with Red cross and Fedasil transit and reception enters.

The Senior Project Coordinator will create opportunities, coordinate activities and manage the implementation of the “Parrainage Communautaire” Project in collaboration with Fedasil and other intermediary organizations (e.g. Caritas International)

Main responsibilities and tasks

  1. “Parrainage Communautaire” Project

· Contribute to the development of an awareness campaign for the project: organization of information sessions, development of an awareness campaign on social networks, creation and sharing of a newsletter presenting the project, etc.

· Assist and support the sponsoring groups during the recruitment process: selection of sponsoring groups, presentation of the project, ensuring the first contacts and ensuring the follow-up of the files

· Ensuring the follow-up and monitoring of the sponsoring groups and their progress: periodic visits to the groups and the resettled families.

· Contribute to the methodological development of the project: contribute to the development of training and toolboxes to be delivered to the sponsors (including good practices, FAQ, thematic sheets, etc.) in collaboration with Fedasil and other intermediary organizations.

· Coordinating the research and ensuring the availability of a “safety net” and alternatives to the groups if the sponsorship program must be interrupted prematurely

· Informing sponsoring groups and refugee(s) about the emergency measures (safety net).

· Taking on the role of mediator between the refugee(s) and the sponsoring groups

· Contributing to the elaboration of a complaint system

· Other tasks related to the project

  1. Supervising the SB Espoir Activities

· Exploring, developing, and coordinating weekend activities for refugee youth.

· Supervising the activities officer in:

o Planning the weekend.

o Working with staff located at the centers to explore possible activities.

o Cultivating contacts with local secondary schools, community organizations, local government, businesses, etc., to find “partners” willing to contribute to weekend activities via programs, staff or resources.

o Drafting of monthly report for donors.

  1. Grants and partnership management:

· Coordinating all program revisions and budget realignments on large strategic grants, such as EU funds, ESC, Foundation and governmental funds.

· Leading in drafting sub-grant agreements and modifications, acting as focal point with HQ for review and approval, and facilitate signature by SB and partners.

· Building capacity of the Grants and Partnerships Officer.

· Leading the submission of the Grant and finalizing the report to the donor

· Supporting the opening of new strategic locations for program expansion.

Secondary Tasks:

o Raising awareness in the local community, and where possible, encouraging contacts with peer groups of similar age, such as: secondary schools, social events, etc.

o Collaborating with the communication and advocacy officer to release a report about SB activities in Brussels.

o Assisting in conferences and platforms meetings.

Candidate Profile

Essential Qualifications:

· Bachelor’s Degree

· Experience working in NGO and developing project.

· Experience writing proposals and presentations

· Excellent communication skills

· Fluent in English and French.

· Good computer skills.

Desirable Qualifications:

· Community volunteer experience

· Fundraising experience

· Dutch speaker

Personal Attributes:

· Leader skills.

· Highly motivated and capable of independent work.

· Imaginative and creative.

· Comfortable and confident in front of large groups.

· Well organized.

· Capable of working under the pressure of tight deadlines.

· Displays strong personal initiative.

· Calm and rational with a logical and analytical approach to problems


· Requires work 4 day in the HQ. (ex , COVID)

· May require periodic overtime.

· Expected weekend participation to monitor the activities.

How to apply