Adolescent and Youth - Green Jobs Researcher

Closing date

The purpose of this consultancy is to help Save the Children (SC) to identify niche and potential areas of green skills and jobs, particularly for adolescents and youth. This will support SC’s positioning in the field of green economies. The proposed findings should include specific strategies for how to effectively include vulnerable girls and young women and have a strong focus on engagement of pro-poor strategies. In addition, the proposed approaches will leverage SC initial activities in the area of green skills and jobs in our programs8.

Objectives of the consultancy:
• Identify the niche where SC could make the difference in the green skills and job programming for pro-poor Adolescents and Youth most impacted by discrimination and inequalities.
• Propose a set of principles that defines “Green Job” (self-employment and entrepreneurship as well wage-employment) compatible with SC approaches and principles (i.e. Adolescents Skills for Successful Transition position paper).
• Identify relevant Actors (Public and Private) who could partner with SC and complement our expertise/capacities/implementation approaches.
• Identify possible donors/ financial opportunities from the Private and Public Sectors to be matched with SC’s capacities to work on green skills and jobs in a selected geographic area (countries tbd).
• Identify Job Local Opportunities (i.e. what entrepreneurship/self-employment opportunities exist and what are points of entry for adolescents and youth; what are corporates offering and looking for?) suitable for adolescents and youth (in the selection of COs) on which we can build our programmatic experience.
• Provide guidance to a selection of COs / ROs and members on how to design and implement green pathways for and with AYs9 and strategies to proactively build the requisite skills.
2.3 Key Deliverables

  1. An inception report will be produced by the 4th week of the consultancy for discussion and review with the Climate Change task force (CCTF). The Report will include:
    o a detailed work plan,
    o detailed research methodology (tools and analysis plan),
    o list of interviews and meetings,
    o updated budget.
  2. Desk review, mapping and generic guidance for green job programming for Adolescents and Youth (A&Y), including the most deprived and hardest to reach
    With the help from the CCTF the consultant will:
    • Study a selection of programmes/COs to understand and assess existing Green Skills and Job opportunities for adolescents and youth most impacted by discrimination and inequalities (special focus also on gender equality, disability, etc.). This could include assessing strategies, trainings, and options adopted to build green skills and jobs for A&Y and give recommendations for improvements (the revision will be only to the selected programmes/COs).
    • Benchmark against peer organizations to understand what their approaches to green skills and jobs for A&Y (strategies, trainings, approaches, etc.) to identify gaps and weakness and start to suggest areas of opportunities.
    • Define “green skills and jobs for adolescents and youth” from the literature review and in line with SC principles and how it aligns to international frameworks focusing on just economic transitions to low or zero-carbon pathways. Standard definition, existing frameworks and standards to define “green”, main global policies that encourages/incorporates “green skills and jobs”.
    • Map out the possible interest of SC members/COs to apply green skills and jobs programming in their next strategic period.
    • Assess the private sector and market demand that will be leveraged as opportunities to create green jobs for A&Y.
    • Analyse and include the recommendations provided by AYs thought the implementation of the Youth Innovation Lab (YIL) in one of the selected countries.

  3. Mapping matrix that will capture the experiences of selected COs and the potential interest of COs willing to expand the area of green skills and jobs in their next strategic period.

  4. Mapping matrix of external experiences (peer organisations) and areas of opportunity for SC.

  5. Briefing on public and private opportunities on green skills and jobs including needs and market offerings identified with a strong focus on gender equality and disability inclusion. The briefing will also focus on strategic partnerships on selected public and private actors that complement SC’s role in this area of economic opportunities.

  6. Briefing on the opportunities identified where SC could make a difference and should invest on green skills and jobs for A&Y and provide clear justification for the investment. This will include the voices of AY collected thought the YIL.

  7. Draft of a Check-list for Country Offices/Regional Offices to explore Green Opportunities for A&Y including:
    • Minimum environmental and social standards required, including standards of labour conditions, decent wages and occupational safety and security.
    • Key stakeholders to engage
    • Pro-poor, gender and social inclusion considerations
    • Meaningful training/educational path in line with market demand
    • Conditions to achieve scale

  8. Identification of our “best bet” for projects that can generate green jobs and specific support to early adapter COs to develop their proposals for investment.
    The consultant will:
    • In consultation with Task Force and SC Italy, identify key ideas to further develop and co-create with CO teams into concept notes to be submitted to SC Italy (and other members) in line with the recommendations and finding presented in step 1.


• Strong experience designing and evaluating multi-sectorial programs, with technical expertise on livelihoods approaches for adolescents and youth as well as on climate change and environmental sustainability. • Ability to facilitate and relate to stakeholders at multiple levels and in diverse contexts. • Understanding of a rights-based approach to programming; value and understanding of the child’s right to be heard. • Solid professional experience with international organizations related with climate change and/or environmental conservation. • Professional experience in developing countries, preferably in different regions in different contexts (development and humanitarian).
• Proven ability to use quantitative and qualitative evaluation methods. • Strong data analysis and written English communication skills. • Strong verbal communication and presentation skills.

How to apply

Consultants meeting the above criteria are invited to submit a proposal to with the subject line: “Proposal for Adolescent/Youth and Green Jobs”. Proposal should be received no later than 25th September 2021.