Chief Field Education Programme

Closing date

Administers the Agency's approved Education Programme;
Supervises the Field Education Programme in school education, vocational and technical
training (as applicable), Educational Science Faculties, in-service teacher training and
university scholarships programme;
Advises and assists the Field Office Director and, through him/her, the Director of Education
in all matters related to Education Programme;
Ensures that all Educational Technical Instructions (ETIs) issued by the Education
Department are duly applied in the Field; ensures the effective implementation of UN policies
and principles that prohibit violence and discrimination;
Provides technical supervision for all Education staff;
Supervises the preparation of the Field Budget and Field Work Plan
Supervises and maintains school development through effective implementation of the
Agency's quality assurance system;
Supervises and monitors the implementation of conflict resolution violence and human rights
activities at Field level;
Ensures that class formation is prepared according to the norms established by the Agency;
Supervises planning and implementation of all education projects;
Performs such other duties as may be assigned.

How to apply

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