Social Emotional Learning Tool Development and Training

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Social Emotional Learning Tool Development and Training (TWO-PART ToR)

CARE Jordan

Location: Remote or Jordan based

1. Background:

CARE in Jordan leads humanitarian protection, economic empowerment, and civic engagement interventions for women and girls from poor and vulnerable communities in the fight to overcome poverty, gender-based violence, and social injustice.

CARE’s Education Program supports Out of School and at risk children to access formal education. CARE’s Psychosocial Support Program helps people cope increase their emotional and social well-being through individual, group, and peer to peer support. PSS extends to children Out of School or at risk of being Out of School, and their parents/caregivers.

The Syria crisis, protracted displacement, and remote schooling during the COVID-19 pandemic have limited children’s ability to develop Social and Emotional Learning competencies which are essential for academic success.

Through this consultancy(ies) CARE will develop its capacity to provide tailored SEL focused PSS support to children and caregivers.

2. Objectives

The objectives are twofold and may be delivered by the same or individual consultant(s).

  1. Identify, adapt, and/or develop methodologies and tools to provide Social and Emotional Learning focused PSS to children, parents/caregivers, and teachers which will result in improved SEL competencies (self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision making, social awareness, and relationship skills) and learning outcomes for children

  2. Develop a training curriculum and train CARE staff in the use of those methodologies.

3. Scope of work:

Phase 1 (may be completed remotely):

  • Identify successful SEL methodologies/tools/manuals used in humanitarian (education in emergencies) and development settings which are applicable or could be adapted to Jordan for use with children, parents/caregivers.

  • Conduct a rapid desk review and KII to map existing SEL methodologies/tools/manuals currently used in Jordan (this may include formal and non-formal education settings)

  • Once identified and as agreed with CARE Jordan, adapt tools/methodologies/manuals as necessary and create a toolkit of 2 methodologies for CARE’s use: 1) to guide parents/caregivers on how to support their children develop and apply SEL competencies, 2) to guide CARE staff on delivering SEL focused PSS for children at CARE safe spaces.

  • Develop/adapt as necessary a measurement framework (indicators, data collection and data analysis guide) for the chosen methodologies focused on measuring impact of the interventions on SEL competencies and learning outcomes.

Phase 2 (completed in Amman, Jordan)

  • Based on the toolkits developed in Phase 1, develop a training curriculum for CARE PSS and Education staff (Up to 15) with the following training objective: ‘Participants will have the skills to facilitate SEL focused PSS sessions with children and parent/caregivers’

  • Facilitate the training workshop.

  • Prepare a pre- and post-training evaluations for participants.

4. Deliverables:

Phase 1:

  • Inception report with mapping of existing and recommended tools/methodologies, and draft table of contents (Max 4 pages)

  • Implementation manuals (adapted as/if necessary) for selected tools/methodologies for use in non–classroom settings (CARE safe spaces).

  • Measurement framework for success (process and outcome indicators, data collection, and data analysis guide) to be included in CARE relevant M&E plans.

Phase 2:

  • Develop training curriculum and facilitator notes

  • Conduct a training workshop for approximately 15- 20 team members (3-4 days)

  • Training report with pre-post evaluations results, learning and recommendations. (max 4 pages)

5. Language:

Phase 1: Manuals must be developed in English. Being able to provide an Arabic translation would be a bonus, but not required. Language must be specified in the consultant’s proposal (technical and financial)

Phase 2: The training can be delivered in English or in Arabic. Language must be specified in the consultant’s proposal.

6. Timeframe:

Phase 1: The work will be carried out between October 1st and October 31st 2021 with a maximum of 10 working days.

Phase 2: The work will be carried out between October 31st and November 15th with a maximum of 8 working days. The ToT will be carried out in-person, unless otherwise suggested in the proposed methodology.


Phase 1

  1. Identifying the appropriate SEL manual and Inception report --> 3 Days
  2. Adapting the SEL manual and materials to CARE’s needs in English --> Up to 7 Days
  3. Translation of materials into Arabic (if applicable) --> To be agreed based on offer

Phase 2

  1. Develop training curriculum/agenda based on tools (In English) --> 3 Days
  2. Deliver training --> Up to 4 days
  3. Submitting Final report --> 1 Day

Any changes on the dates should be reported and discussed with CARE before any amendments.

7. Reporting and support:

The consultant(s) will report to CARE’s PSS Program Manager, and will work closely with CARE’s Education Program Manager on technical content, and CARE’s MEL Advisor on measurement frameworks. The Protection Program Director will have direct oversight.

8. Compensation

Consultant(s) shall receive full compensation upon the completion of the consultancy and the receipt of all deliverables as specified in Section 4 and agreed with CARE Jordan.

9. CARE’s Responsibilities

CARE will:

  • Facilitate Arabic interpretation services if required for assignment-related tasks.

  • Cover logistics related costs of the Training (venue, interpretation if required, printed materials)

  • Cover travel costs to and accommodation in Jordan (if required)

10. Consultancy Conditions

  • Payment is subject to satisfactory work performance, deliverables and production of payment documents such as invoice and timesheets according to the contract.

  • The consultant is responsible for the use of personal assets in order to complete this assignment (laptop, internet, etc.)

  • The consultant shall not receive any other facilities or shall not be reimbursed any other expenses under this assignment.

  • The outcome of this consultancy is the intellectual property of CARE International in Jordan, and the consultant may not use it in any format, nor disseminated or announced through any media channel. Any media outlet, should be approved by CARE Jordan, and should include and attribute the credit to CARE Jordan.

12. Technical and financial evaluation:

The offer will be evaluated based on the following technical and financial criteria:

Technical offer and relevant experience --> 55%

Ability to deliver phase 1 and phase 2 --> 10%

Financial Offer --> 35%

How to apply

Submission requirements:

Consultant(s) may submit an offer for Phase 1 or 2, or both. This should be specified in the offer.

  • CV (No more than 4 pages)

  • 1-2 samples of previous relevant work

  • Technical offer outlining methodology and relevant resources to be used (no more than 2 pages)

  • Financial offer (daily rate, translation costs if relevant, estimated travel costs to Amman, Jordan if relevant)

The consultant’s offer must demonstrate knowledge of existing tools, and previous experience with comparable organizations.

Please submit a proposal, methodology, CV, and a sample of previous related work by (Sep 25th, 2021) to with subject line : SEL Consultancy – Phase 1 and/or 2.