Program Assistant - Capacity Development and Inclusion: Indigenous Peoples Alliance for Rights and Development (IPARD)

Closing date


Organization: FSC Indigenous Foundation (FSC-IF)

Location: Panama City, Republic of Panama

Reporting to: IPARD Program Lead, Capacity Development and Inclusion

Work Percentage: 100%

Expected Start Date: October 15, 2021


In 2019, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) established the FSC Indigenous Foundation (FSC- IF) as the operational office of the Permanent Indigenous Peoples Committee (PIPC). The FSC-IF is a private interest foundation in accordance with Law No. 25 of June 12, 1995 of the Republic of Panama. The mission of FSC-IF is to enable an enabling environment to guarantee the rights of Indigenous Peoples and promote sustainable forest-based solutions within 300 million hectares of indigenous forests on the planet. The vision is that Indigenous Peoples' global values, rights, livelihoods, ecosystem services, natural capital and communities are incorporated into forest governance, climate change governance and market systems.

Indigenous Peoples' Alliance for Rights and Development

The FSC-IF is the implementing partner of the five-year Global Development Alliance (GDA) program funded by USAID and FSC: Indigenous Peoples Alliance for Rights and Development (IPARD). The IPARD Program is guided by three development objectives:

Objective 1: To organize and convene a capacity building program for Indigenous Peoples' organizations and stakeholders;

Objective 2: To foster an enabling environment for the recognition, effective participation and joint decision-making by Indigenous Peoples in matters affecting them; and;

Objective 3: Promote the sustainable development of Indigenous Peoples based on sustainable economic models.

IPARD uses three interconnected approaches to support Indigenous Peoples in overcoming their development challenges:

A. Multi-Sectoral Approach (MSA): under the strategic guidance of IPARD's Steering Committee (SC), the Program convenes and leverages the expertise of multi-sectoral partners to ensure that the needs of Indigenous communities are considered across a wide range of sectors.

B. Country-Focused Approach (CFA): IPARD's programmatic strategy is guided by a country-focused approach, driven by specific national contexts related to Indigenous Peoples. IPARD implements a structured process to identify, evaluate and select countries for its programs. FSC-IF works in conjunction with the IPARD Steering Committee, and according to the guidelines of the multi-sectoral approach, in order to select countries and identify key priorities and strategies.

C. Indigenous Project Management Approach (IPMA): Leveraging FSC-IF's networks and relationships with Indigenous leaders and organizations around the world, IPARD seeks ongoing dialogue, consultation, and feedback with Indigenous Peoples to inform the Program. IPARD supports a forum through which the FSC-IF Indigenous Foundation serves as a bridge between Indigenous Peoples, technical partners, national governments, and the private sector. IPARD invests in best practice conservation and effective approaches and methodologies to ensure strategic cohesion of partnerships at various levels.

Through these three approaches, IPARD aims to empower Indigenous Peoples' organizations and catalyze an enabling environment where Indigenous Peoples can pursue their development.


The Capacity Development and Inclusion Assistant for the IPARD Program assists the Program Lead for Capacity Development and Inclusion to ensure the smooth and efficient implementation of Objective 1 of the IPARD program.


● Collect data in the areas of IPARD IF’s activities at the country, regional and global levels for the PL and prepare short reports on different subjects related to the three IPARD IF objectives.

● Prepare background material, working papers and tables for presentations, meetings, webinars on different topics and prepare power points for meetings when requested.

● Organize meetings, webinars, with counterparts including government, donors, private sector, NGOs and other stakeholders, taking minutes of the meetings when requested.

● Provide support in preparation of regional and global workshops, prepares invitations, prepares lists of contacts, organizes interpretation services and follows up on preparation tasks.

● Participate in meetings, conference calls and workshops with staff and consultants, and take notes when requested.

● Maintain logs, files and update records of activities in the prescribed format for subsequent use as indicated.

● Review and edit documents and present in the requested format.

● Provide support to the procurement process, prepare purchase requisitions, prepare templates for evaluation committees, documents for procurement process.

● Provide support to monitor consultants and sub-grantees according to the contracts or sub-grants.

● Contact organizations and people on behalf of the PL in preparation for different activities of the Program.

● Provide support for delivering training to IPO, Governments, Private sector, and other stakeholders.

● Maintain good communication and coordination with stakeholders.

● Carry out other specific technical, operational and administrative tasks as requested.


Education: Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences or areas related to the Program's objectives.

Field experience working or living with indigenous communities is desirable.

Good interpersonal communication and coordination, organizational, and planning skills.

Experience working with International NGOs is desirable.

Experience in handling MS Office, communication platforms (Zoom, Teams, Google Meet and others), and other software.

Demonstrated cultural awareness and sensitivity to the diversity of values, views and approaches to issues relevant to the FSC-IF.

Ability to respond adequately and efficiently to pressure meeting deadlines.

Candidates deeply familiar with Indigenous Peoples culture and communities or a native member of an Indigenous Peoples preferred.

Strong oral and written communication in English and Spanish, presentation, and negotiation skills.

How to apply

Please submit your application by September 24, 2021 (5:00pm Panama) to :

  • CV (2 page maximum)
  • Cover letter (one page maximum) including: (a) your motivation; (b) salary proposal); and (c) two professional references (name, position, organization, email, and phone)