Request for Expressions of Interest ITPC Pool of Consultants

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The International Treatment Preparedness Coalition Global (ITPC) is issuing this Expression of Interest (EoI) in order to establish a Prequalified Approved Consultant Pool to provide consulting services, on an as needed basis, for the following areas of expertise;

- Communications and Public Relations (PR)

  • General Support
  • Translation
  • Graphic Design
  • Copy-editing
  • Animation Production

- Treatment Education
- Information and Communications Technology (Technologies)

  • IT and Website Maintenance
  • Technology and Data Security
  • Database Development and Software Programming

- Monitoring and Evaluation

- Research and Data analysis

- Community-led Monitoring and Advocacy

- Research (qualitative and quantitative) and Data Analysis- Resource Mobilization**

- Intellectual Property (Chemistry Scientific Support)

- Organizational Development and Support

  • Human Resources Management
  • Governance
  • Leadership and Management Coaching

For detailed terms of reference for each solicited area of expertise, see Pages 5-17

Qualified applicants with relevant experience / expertise in the above-mentioned areas are invited to apply. The panel of expert Consultants is based on the Qualification Proposal Packages submitted in response to this EoI for placement on the prequalified/Approved Consultant Pool that will be available for ITPC’s use. Acceptance into ITPC’s Prequalified Consultant Pool does not guarantee any work or award for specific contractual services. Experts are to remain on the panel for three (3) years from approval of the panel.

1. About ITPC

ITPC is a worldwide network of community activists united by our vision of a longer, healthier, more productive life for people living with HIV. ITPC’s mission is to enable communities in need to access optimal HIV treatment. ITPC was formed in 2003 at a historic meeting of 125 HIV treatment activists that took place in Cape Town, South Africa. In 2016, ITPC registered as a not-for-profit organisation incorporated under the Companies Act of South Africa. For more information about us, please visit

ITPC is a global activist network that uses HIV as an entry point to the right to health. Our strategic focus areas include:

  • Building Resilient Communities
  • Access to Optimal Medicines and Diagnostics (#MakeMedicinesAffordable)
  • Community Data and Advocacy (#WatchWhatMatters)

ITPC works with communities, government and non-profit organisation, academic institutions, and local and international organizations in these regions: Latin America and the Caribbean (LATCA), Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA), Sub-Sahara Africa and South Asia.

Expert Consultants are essential in ITPC mission, ensuring work is of the highest quality, based on the latest evidence and best practise. We build lasting relationships with Expert Consultants to help us deliver our work around the world.

2. General Eligibility Requirement

This EoI is intended to solicit proposals from organizations and individuals with seasoned experience and relevant qualifications in a range of aspects related to the effective delivery of HIV and other health-related programs and advocacy, with a particular focus on the affected community voice.

3. Anticipated Duration of Contract

ITPC intends to select qualified Consultants based on the Qualification Proposal Packages submitted in response to this EoI for placement on the prequalified Topic Experts Consultant Pool that will be available to ITPC to use in its procurement for Consultants for the next three (3) years.

4. Anticipated Payment Structure

For all consulting assignments, the selected prequalified Consultant(s) shall be paid in alignment with ITPC’s Consultant Fee Schedule which takes into consideration the Consultant’s qualification, experience, skills, quality of delivery as well as the negotiated and agreed costs of the consulting assignment and availability of funding. The final budget amount for the project-specific consulting assignments shall be determined during discussions of scopes of work based on the needs of ITPC and will set the terms of payment when developing scopes of work. All project-specific consulting assignments will be on an as needed basis and in manner that best meets the needs of ITPC and its Donors. Issuance of this EoI does not obligate ITPC and its Donors to award any contracts pursuant to it.

Organizations and individuals will be able to apply for the EoI on a rolling basis, however, Qualifications Proposal Packages will be reviewed on a monthly basis. Eligible applicants who apply must demonstrate experience in providing services to become eligible for ITPC prequalified list of Consultants. The list of prequalified Consultants resulting from this EoI will remain active for up to three (3) years with an option to reapply at the conclusion of Year 3. The inclusion in ITPC’s prequalified Consultant Pool does not guarantee that a Consultant will receive any work or award for specific contractual services.

5. Proposal Submission Instructions

Interested candidates are requested to submit a Proposal Package for their application that includes:

a. Resumé: A comprehensive document showcasing relevant experience in one or more solicited areas or topic areas. Page limit is maximum of 5 pages. Please submit the file in the following labelling format:

b. First Name and Last Name_Resumé**b.** References: Please provide three (3) contactable references for whom the applicant has completed similar work, citing each client’s name, business affiliation, address, email address, and phone number (References from previous similar work are preferred). References to be included in resumé.

c. Cover letter should be 1 page and include the following:

  • Motivation for applying to be part of the panel of experts;
  • Solicited areas/topics of expertise: applicant should indicate solicited topic of expertise and how applicant meets the required qualifications;
  • Daily expected rate of pay solicited in USD per day.
  • Please submit the file in the following labelling format:

    First Name and *Last Name_*Cover Letter d. Supporting documentation which demonstrates experience** – may include qualifications, any curriculum, materials/handouts, portfolio of evidence, journals, etc.

The deadline for submitting a Proposal Package is on a rolling basis until October 29, 2021. A complete proposal includes all the items identified in the Content of Qualifications Proposal Package section above. Send your application to with the Solicited Area/topic of Expertise in the subject line of the email, for example “*Communication General Support*”. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

6. Review Procedure and Basis for Prequalification

Review Procedure

Applications submitted and received will be reviewed for responsiveness to the topic area qualifications requirements on a monthly basis. Applicants with eligible and responsive proposal packages will be notified and then be included the ITPC’s Prequalified Experts Consultant Pool for up to 3 years contingent upon satisfactory performance. The Consultant Pool will then be used by ITPC to select Consultants for specific assignments. The process for the project-specific consulting assignment is as follows:**

  • Prequalified Consultants may be contacted by ITPC to apply for a project-specific consulting assignment and/or project that best match their demonstrated expertise.
  • Respondents will be given a minimum of two (2) business days to submit cost estimate, and schedule of availability (if applicable) to ITPC.
  • ITPC will review the cost estimates and availability to select prequalified applicant(s) to contract with for the project-specific consulting assignment and/or project.
  • ITPC may enter discussion with prequalified applicants to enhance their understanding of the prequalified applicants’ capabilities as they relate to the requirements of the project-specific consulting assignments and to aid in their determination as to which prequalified applicant(s) are best qualified to meet/address the needs requested.
  • ITPC will finalize a negotiated contract with the Consultant to begin the engagement.

7. Terms and Conditions

i. This Expression of Interest is not and shall not be considered a formal offer of work by ITPC.

ii. All responses must be received on or before the date and time indicated on the EoI – October 29, 2021.

iii. Daily rates proposed must be valid for entire period provided by respondent, and such rate shall be considered binding in contract.

iv. All awards will be subject to ITPC contractual terms and conditions and contingent on the availability of donor funding.

v. ITPC reserves the right to accept or reject any EoI or cancel the solicitation process at any time and shall have no liability to the proposing organizations submitting proposals for such rejection or cancellation of the request for proposals.

vi. ITPC reserves the right to accept all or part of the EoI when award is provided.

vii. All information provided by ITPC in this EoI is offered in good faith. Individual items are subject to change at any time, and all bidders will be provided with notification of any changes.

viii. ITPC reserves the right to request applicants to enter into a non-disclosure agreement.

ix. Bidders are required to identify and disclose any actual or potential conflict of interest.

How to apply

Schedule of Events

Questions regarding this request may be addressed in writing and sent to on an on-going basis within the application period. Proposals in response to the EoI should be addressed to and must be received no later than 5pm SAT 29 October 2021.