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ABA ROLI seeks an expert Court Administration Advisor to oversee an assessment of the operational policies governing the work of the Liberian Judiciary’s administrative staff. Following three years of collaboration with the Liberian Judiciary, including the Office of the Public Defender, ABA ROLI now looks to expand its in-country engagement by supporting improved systems and processes within the Judiciary’s administrative offices. This position will play a key role in supporting ABA ROLI’s overall goal of improving the efficiency and transparency of judicial proceedings and fostering greater public trust in Liberian judicial institutions.

The Court Administration Advisor will conduct a thorough initial assessment of the formal operational policies currently applicable to Judiciary administrative staff, with special emphasis on court clerks, stenographers, bailiffs, and jury management personnel. This assessment will encompass the strength of, and adherence to, formal policies, and will identify all capacity-building resource or training needs. Where policy deficiencies are noted, recommendations for revision will be made. Where capacity gaps and training needs are identified, the Court Administration Advisor will partner with the Judicial Institute to develop corresponding training curricula, and to organize and conduct training sessions.

The ideal candidate will possess a demonstrated ability to motivate and establish common goals with administrators and employees at all levels throughout judicial institutions, and have a proven track record of conducting assessments and effecting reform in challenging operating environments.

Key Duties:

  • Support the Liberian Court Administrator with monitoring and improving daily operations throughout circuit and magisterial courts

  • Monitor and ensure that court programs achieve established goals and operate effectively

  • Provide resource assistance and coordination to court administration personnel

  • Collect, compile, and analyze statistical data pertaining to court operations

  • Monitor court and case management processes to determine needs for additional policies, resources or staff

  • Monitor and analyze jury management processes to determine needs for additional policies, resources, or staff

  • Monitor and analyze case flow and recommend policy revisions to enhance performance and case management

  • Develop and implement long-term strategic initiatives to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of case management

Required Qualifications:

  • Minimum five years’ experience in court administration and management, including three years of supervisory experience

  • Demonstrated knowledge of case management principles and processes

  • Demonstrated experience designing and conducting formal assessments of the efficiency of case management systems, jury management systems, and court operating procedures

  • Experience developing and strengthening standard operating procedures and implementing court administrative reforms

  • A bachelor’s degree in business/public administration, court management, criminal justice or a related degree

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Prior experience with Liberian judicial institutions

  • Demonstrated international experience working on court administration reform projects

Interested applicants should please submit a CV and cover letter to:

Organization & Program Overview:

The American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI) is a non-profit organization that implements rule of law, justice reform, and human rights programs. ABA ROLI has worked for over 25 years in more than 100 countries to promote the rule of law, advance human rights, strengthen judicial institutions, support legal professionals and advance understanding of the law and rights of citizens by the public. ABA ROLI works by establishing partnerships with a wide range of actors, including justice sector institutions (judges, prosecutors, public defense offices, mediation offices and national human rights institutions, investigators and police), civil society organizations, bar associations, legal aid organizations and lawyers, among others.

ABA ROLI has operated intermittent programming in Liberia since 2006, encompassing the establishment of a legal aid center, the founding of a support clinic for victims of gender-based violence, and the creation of scholarships for law students practicing public service law. ABA ROLI revived its activity in Liberia in 2018, with a program providing direct support to the Liberian justice sector. This ongoing program works to strengthen accountability within the Liberian justice system and thereby increase public confidence and trust in its institutions. Working in partnership with the Office of the Public Defender and key figures within the Ministry of Justice, including the Chief Justice and the Court Administrator, the program advances efforts to implement plea bargaining practices, improve record-keeping and processing times to ensure charges are filed and arbitrated in a timely manner, and to reduce rates of pre-trial incarceration. In the long term, the program will contribute to strengthening the rule of law by increasing the transparency, consistency, and accountability of court operations.

How to apply

Interested applicants should please submit a CV and cover letter to: