Senior Economic Development Advisor -Hirshabelle State of Somalia

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Senior Economic Development Advisor -Hirshabelle State of Somalia

Duty station: Jowhar-Hirshabelle State of Somalia.

Reporting to: Director General Ministry of Finance -Hirshabelle State of Somalia

Type of assignment: Secondment

Duration: 1 year with a possibility of Extension subject to performance and availability of funds


Hir-Shabelle state is comprised of Hiiraan and Middle Shabelle regions; the capital of the regional state is Jowhar. Historically, the Hiiraan and middle Shabelle areas served as the breadbasket for Somalia, the state benefits from three elements, number one Shabelle river running every corner of the state, two geographical gates to the large markets of Mogadishu and Ethiopia, third long coastline with well-established artisanal fishing communities.

Hir-Shabelle has the capacity for the development of large irrigated agricultural projects and rehabilitation and re-establishment of factors such as the Jowhar sugar factor and Balcad clothes factory that produced tertiary products from the local production of sugar and cotton.

Economic Development:

The Economic sector unit seeks the sustainable growth and increasing prosperity of the people of Hirshabelle State in the face of daunting challenges. The objectives of the Economic Sector Unit are to ensure a Diversified private sector-led economic growth and sustainable development that improves livelihoods and reduces poverty. The Sector comprises three sectors: natural resources, infrastructure and economic functions. These sectors must work closely with the private sector to accomplish their objectives.

The objectives of these three sectors, together with the top five priority programme areas for the economic development pillar as a whole is to ensure food security and improve livelihoods and income generation for the people of Hirshabelle State, through sustainable use of natural resources and land management. Increased agriculture production. To advance and accelerate the broad-based economic growth and sustainable development led by private sector in Hirshabelle State, with clearly delineated roles for the public and private actors.

The economic development challenge for Hirshabelle State is to translate its abundant resources and workforce potential into better human and development outcomes for all its people and future generations. Part of the Government’s overarching vision recognizes the pivotal role that a diverse and vibrant private sector with increased local and foreign investment must play in Hirshabelle State’s economic growth and development. This effort will be complemented by the provision of a set of core public goods together with a more clearly defined and conducive policy and regulatory framework provided by the Government of Hirshabelle.

As well as being diversified, growth must also be employment generating in order to improve livelihoods. Moreover, employment generation and improved livelihoods is not only important for poverty reduction but is central to maintaining peace and security. The challenge for Hirshabelle State is to shape the growth process to promote to the fullest extent possible the creation of productive, remunerative and decent employment for both men and women, particularly among the youth.

Duties & Responsibilities:

The Economic Development Advisor is expected to perform the following tasks:

· Provide technical assistance in the formulation of key performance indicators for Hirshabelle State income generating activity ministries.

· Review Hirshabelle State's objectives, policies and the economic development and social implications.

· Prepare training manuals and methodologies for Hirshabelle State's Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Planning, Investment and economic Activities and support on preparations of states yearly budget.

· Provide trainings for economic development for all income generating ministries and Municipalities.

· Draft business proposal template to be used by trainees to develop business plans

· Participate in the evaluation of the S Hirshabelle State yearly auditing exercise and provision of coaching and mentoring for financial trainees during business plans development

· Evaluate past, and present economic issues and trends and forecast future economic activity in relation to Hirshabelle state economic development.

· Produce regular economic briefings and ad-hoc reports to the office of the Direct General of the Ministry of Finance.

· Meet with the income generating activity ministries, municipalities and other management staff on regular basis to review progress against objectives.


· Compiling analytical report on the economic development in Hirshabelle State of Somalia, and, as developments occur, communicating with the Ministry of and Director General on a regularly basis.

· In-depth knowledge and credible experience in the area of macro-economic management and micro and macro-economic policymaking issues in the states, and in particular, intimate knowledge of global economies demonstrated by research and work experience related to economic policy in the region.

Skills and Competencies:

· Relevant work experience with conducting research in macroeconomics and economic development in developing countries

· Experience in engaging with senior decision/policymakers, and ability to synthesize and present complex arguments in easily understood terms. With special emphasis on working with Hirshabelle State/Somalia’s institutions and policymakers.

· Knowledge of challenges and opportunities related to economic development, income generation development and Experiential skill Trainings

· Knowledge of the activities of the federal and state governments related to economic development activities

· High-level interpersonal skills including verbal and written communication skills and an exceptional ability to develop and maintain results-focused stakeholder relationships

· Ability to work collaboratively with team members by sharing information openly and displaying cultural awareness and sensitivity.


· Demonstrates outstanding communication skills, verbal and written, in English, abilities in Somali is a strong asset.

Qualifications and Experience.

· Masters’s degree in economics, development, public administration, or a relevant field.

· Minimum of nine (9) years of experience in economic development initiatives with international development program.

· Previous experience working in economic development in Hirshabelle state of Somalia

· Strong experience with coalition building and collaboration with multiple stakeholders, including private sector, civil society and government.

Preferred Abilities and knowledge.

· Strong knowledge and understanding of the economic, political and social context of Hirshabelle State and/or Somalia

· Experience with providing technical assistance, including organizing and conducting workshop and trainings

· Good communication and interpersonal skills, team-oriented work style, interest and experience of working in multicultural environment.

· Demonstrated ability to work under pressure, multi-task and meet deadlines.

· Demonstrated skills and sensitivity in engaging with minority groups and government stakeholders and understanding of power analysis in stakeholder engagement.


Fluency in English both written and oral (Advanced level) speaks and writes clearly and effectively; listens to others, correctly interprets messages from others and responds**

Fluency in Somali is an asset (Native or advanced Level)


The Economic Advisor will direct report to the Director General of Ministry of Finance of Hirshabelle State of Somalia.

How to apply

Equal Opportunities: We value diversity, and we are committed to creating an inclusive environment based on mutual respect for all employees.

This position is open to Somalis both in-country and the Diaspora. Interested Candidates especially female candidates who meet all the requirements are highly encouraged. Please apply and register by creating full profile with three references in NIS recruitment platform in below link:

NB: Women candidates are encouraged to apply to these positions.

How to apply

How to apply

Equal Opportunities: We value diversity, and we are committed to creating an inclusive environment based on mutual respect for all employees.

This position is open to Somalis both in-country and the Diaspora. Interested Candidates especially female candidates who meet all the requirements are highly encouraged. Please apply in below link: