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CARE is an international humanitarian and development organization without religious, political or government affiliation. CARE is committed to protecting and promoting the rights of vulnerable girls and boys, women and men and improving the lives of refugees and host communities alike.

CARE works at national, municipality and at the community level to develop customized solutions and ensure long-term sustainability as well as respond to basic needs. We design projects that fall into alignment with national priorities and be owned by communities. Our interventions range across clean water, affordable sanitation and community healthcare and sexual and reproductive health rights programs, economic opportunities, and protection. Across program areas, CARE’s activities are guided by a rights-based, holistic, gender-sensitive/transformative, and inclusive approach.

Reporting to Program, Operation and Advocacy Director/CARE France, Care International is looking for a Country Director (CD) who has the overall responsibility for the effective management of CARE International operations in country, consistent with CARE International’s vision and mission, core values and program principals, global program strategy and operational code


The Country Director has overall responsibility and leadership of the Country Office’s performance, s/he represents CARE in the country, guiding a relevant program strategy development and implementation consistent with CARE International’s global strategy, ensuring effective and timely humanitarian response capacity, leading strategy development, change management, operational planning, and overseeing financial, operations and human resource management, including the safety and security of all Country Office and visiting CARE staff.

The Country Director models and ensures systematic practice of CARE International values and new ways of working by fostering innovation, helping to build effective teams, coalitions and networks and encouraging on-going staff development to motivate and strengthen the organization’s resilience in the face of change. S/he promotes gender equality and diversity among Country Office staff and in programming.

In doing so, s/he:

· Ensures that CARE's role in the country is aligned with CARE’s global program strategy and continuously evolves to achieve the greatest impact and relevance in the operating context;

· Positions CARE as a partner of choice and an influential voice in reducing poverty and social injustice;

· Leads the organizational changes required to align to the Country Office’s Country Presence Review outcomes and CARE International’s global vision and strategy;

· Leads and oversees the timely transformational changes required to align CARE International in the Country to CARE International’s program priorities, advocacy strategy and operational models;

· Leads, promotes and oversees mainstreaming of gender issues in the Country program policies, strategy and program development;


Representation and Communications

· Negotiates with the host government and ensure that the Country Office has the legal agreement needed to operate transparently, such as, an updated mutually recognized country agreement as well as program related agreements with the relevant line ministries;

· Ensures that accurate and updated host government relations information is disseminated to CARE France, and relevant CARE International members;

· Ensures access to Country Office facilities and services to all CARE International members;

· Ensures that the image of CARE International in the country is consistent with CARE’s mission, vision and values and protects CARE's interests and assets;

· Builds effective organizational relationships and networks with public, private and NGO partners; liaise with host government/donor government and other lead agency representatives;

· Maintains effective communications and relationships with CARE International members regarding program development, funding agreements and staffing;

· Provides regular reports to HQ on the affairs of the Country Office, including security;

· Provides periodic reports to CARE members managing donor contracts in the Country Office according to the specific agreements;

· Demonstrates knowledge of the most current CARE International Code and related CI federation agreements through effectively implementing related provisions; and

· Maintains regular and transparent communication with HQ, CARE International Members (CIMs) and relevant CARE International bodies.

Program Development and Implementation

· Guided by the CARE International program strategy, donor and host government priorities, provide support and guidance to the Country Office program staff in the identification of new programming opportunities;

· Supported by CARE Member Partners (CMPs), develop and maintain a proposal development capacity, quality control system, and up-to-date pipeline tracking and reporting system;

· Provides assistance to CARE members in contract negotiation with donors at the country level to ensure that CARE program and financial objectives are attained;

· Explores possibilities for diversifying program funding consistent with CARE International’s Global Program Strategy through non-traditional partners, donors and approaches;

· Ensures, through regular monitoring of activities, effective project implementation and use of best programming practices;

· Ensures Country Office’s full compliance with donor contractual requirements;

· Ensures effective project implementation monitoring and evaluation system that allows for accurate donor reporting, timely course corrections, and learning and innovation;

Emergency Preparedness & Response; Safety & Security

· Ensures that country office emergency preparedness plan is in place and reviewed regularly in collaboration with HQ, the CARE Emergency Group, CARE Member Partners and relevant in-country partners (e.g. GOI, UN, ECB consortium);

· Sets the tone for mature safety and security management, leading by example;

· Ensures that the CO is implementing the CI S&S standards; identify gaps; and ensure that gaps are filled in a timely manner;

· Ensures that lapses in S&S SOPs are followed up at the appropriate levels of management;

· Communicates S&S info regularly to HQ (or ensure it is done by the SSFP)

· Provides leadership, guidance, and Lead Crisis Management Team in emergency situations, overseeing the CO’s overall response, liaising with Country Governments CARE members, donors and media;

· Authorizes and manage staff evacuations as necessary (for health or other reasons).

Country Office Strategic and Operational Planning and Implementation

· Taking into consideration CI’s Global Program Strategy plan and CARE 2020, lead the development and implementation of the CO’s presence review and business plan, Annual Operating Plans (AOPs), regular CO performance reviews and strategic planning reviews;

· Leads regular and participatory senior management team (SMT) meetings to review the overall financial and operational performance of the country office.

· Plans and oversee at least two Country Office Leadership Team meetings per year; and monthly SLT, ensure staff engagement in the planning and progress review of the CO program and program support elements.

· Maintains and share regular analysis on the CO’s operating environment and its potential impact on the performance of the CO.

· Provides leadership and strategic support on the development/strengthening of the CO’s role as an innovator and catalyzer including developing genuine partnerships with local organizations and institutions and building evidence of CARE’s impact to influence policy and practice

· Ensures the CO has an effective impact measurement, learning, knowledge management and communication system

Country Office Financial, Budget and Administration Management

· Oversees and provide support to program support and finance staff in the development of the CO’s annual budget as per CARE policies and procedures;

· Ensures the financial viability of the CO to ensure that project budgets are able to cover the running costs of the CO and generate adequate indirect cost recovery (ICR) from existing and new projects; monitor and analyze the CO cost structure, particularly in anticipation of changes in the program portfolio;

· Ensures timely preparation of contracts (IPIAs) and amendments for all projects as required between the CO and CARE Member Partner (CMP);

· Ensures full compliance with donor regulations and terms of signed contracts; ensure the application of CARE financial procedures;

· Ensures that the CO performance and audit results are satisfactory, recommendations from previous evaluations and audits are addressed and show an overall improving trend;

· Ensures the submission of on-time CO financial reports, achievement of at least 85% annual budget utilization rate, and near to 100% life of projects budget utilization;

· Closely monitor the reporting and fulfillment of donor match requirements, committed by CARE members and CO in-kind match contributions;

· Ensures that the risk register is maintained, and issues acted upon in a timely manner;

· Ensures that financial exposure reports are maintained and reviewed on monthly basis and communicated to HQ;

· Ensures monthly balance sheet reviews, the completion of scorecards and that recommendations are acted upon accordingly, and

· Submits other reports to HQ as requested.

Human Resources Development and Management

· Leads by example, communicate clear vision to staff, leadership and inspiration to CO, counterpart and partners, show accountability and hold staff accountable for demonstrating CARE core values;

· Ensures the completion of an annual staffing plan and provide support or lead recruitment efforts (with active support from HQ when appropriate) for national and international hires;

· Ensures that the CO structure and the organization of units and workflows reflects ongoing needs of CO operations;

· Ensures that all HR policies and procedures are established in accordance with host country laws and legislation and reviewed on a regular basis; ensure that HR policies are respected for expatriate personnel;

· Ensures that the total compensation (salary and benefits) for national employees remains competitive with the local market and that voluntary turnover rates are kept to the minimum possible;

· Adopts and lead by example effective employee relations and performance management systems, including timely and clear communication of expectations through updated job descriptions and operating plans, regular performance feedback and annual performance appraisals, coaching and mentoring staff in decision-making, consistency and coherence in the recognition of merit;

· Promotes staff development and the maximization of local talent, through coaching and mentoring and active career development;

· Creates and maintain an inclusive team environment, including regularly established management team meetings and ad hoc committee structures in which input on key issues is sought from colleagues in open discussion; and

· Ensures staff adherence to the CARE Code of Conduct and promote People in Aid practices to the maximum extent possible.


Education & Training:

· Minimum Required: University degree in a relevant discipline.


· Required:

  • Minimum of ten years of experience in international development and humanitarian assistance and,

  • At least five years of successful experience at the senior management level in overseas postings, in a Country Office/ subsidiary (Local experience is preferred);

  • Solid understanding of financial and budget management, and of best practice programming (expertise by sector would be an asset);

  • Leading the review and reformulation of strategic plans;

  • Proven experience in overseeing and leading transformation process,

  • Proven experience in leading multi-disciplinary and multinational teams especially in response to a major disaster;

  • Proven abilities in decision-making and problem-solving including in emergency contexts;

  • Experience in security management; and

  • Flexibility and willingness to undertake local, regional and international travel.

· Desired:

  • Extensive experience with EU DEVCO, ECHO (DIPECHO), USAID / OFDA / BPRM, DFID/UK Aid, GAC, UN and private sector partnerships and contracts

Technical skills:

· Required:

  • Advanced knowledge of Excel and Pack office in general

· Desired:

  • Accounting packages such as SAGA.

  • Accumulated level of self-sufficiency with computer network basics (i.e. modems, local area networks).

L**anguage competency:**

· Required:

  • Fluent in English and in French (speaking, reading and writing);

· Desired:

  • Arabic will be a PLUS

Key Competencies:

· Critical: Visibly and consistently demonstrate high standards for CARE’s core values of Respect, Integrity, Commitment and Excellence.

· Necessary:

  • Demonstrated ability to work independently, team player, creativity, appreciation of efficiency, highly organized, ability to handle detail concurrent with strategic issues, and reverence of deadlines and time obligations,

  • Demonstrated awareness and sensitivity to gender and diversity.

  • Experience leading an organization through organizational change

  • Has demonstrated experience, patience and the ability to work in diverse, cultural contexts in a culturally appropriate manner.

  • Has a capacity to make accurate self-assessment particularly in high stress situations.

  • Excellent communication skills, ability to work under stress, patience, multi-tasking and problem-solving skills; and positive attitude.

Key relationships / Contacts:

· Internal / LM:

Follow international operations & program staff (HQ and other COs) => Coordination of Activities amongst Country Offices, review of IPIAs and contracts, sharing of analysis reports

Country offices staff => Sharing of reports, obligation charts

Internal CARE International:

CARE International => funding opportunities, donors plans, sharing of program reports, obligation charts, CO strategic and program plans

· External:

Consultants and service providers => Development and clear communication of TORs, oversee work quality and timing, contractual obligations


Living Conditions:

Expected percentage of time traveling: up to 30% of the time, to visit project sites, meet with staff and counterparts

How to apply

Please send your resume and cover letter in English and French to with the reference Country Director in the object of your email.

Deadline for submission: Open

CARE encourages diversity in its recruitments.

Due to the large number of applications, we are unable to answer every candidate individually. Only the selected candidates will be contacted directly. If you did not receive answer from us 4 weeks following your application, please consider your application as not selected.

We would also like to inform you that in view of the regulation about data protection, in the event of an unsuccessful application, we will not keep your application file or any personal information about you. Everything will be destroyed.

CARE France applies zero tolerance to the exploitation, sexual abuse and mistreatment of women and children and mobilizes all its employees in the implementation of its global policy.

CARE France will contact the previous employers of applicants for this position to determine if they have been found to have violated codes of conduct regarding harassment, sexual exploitation or abuse, or fraud, or if there was an ongoing investigation into such matters at the time of termination of the previous employment contract. Submission of an application for this position implies acceptance of this information gathering mechanism from previous employers