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Integra Workforce Director

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The IRC is currently implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Management system across the Finance, Supply Chain and Grants Management functions in all IRC locations. Project Integra will retire several existing systems, bringing them into a cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment. Integra is the largest investment in systems that the IRC has ever made and will change the way we work.

Workforce planning around a transformational project such as Integra across 40 country programs requires several levels of HR workforce planning and support, including the current priority activities below:

1.Workforce planning, talent management and recruitment for the expanding Integra CRRD (Crisis Response, Recovery, and Development Department) Deployment Teams, drawing from existing IRC talent first and augmenting that with external recruitment.

2.Workforce contingency planning with backfill options for country programs, including recruitment to support key functions during deployment, in particular finance and supply chain, to deploy Integra in country programs with minimal disruption to programming at the point of delivery.

3.Support to and integration with talent management planning, development for internal candidates to ensure adequate skills and capacities and smooth transition for country programs and teams that free up individuals for Integra deployment.

The Integra Workforce Director will work across departments and with the Deployment Directors to design and plan for the deployment and operational structures with sourcing plans and options. The Workforce Director will define and plan the staffing structure and leverage multiple HR processes for sourcing roles, including, internal/external recruitment, talent management for individual development, internal short-term assignments (TTAs) and other staffing mechanisms as appropriate. Given that internal candidates will be preferred and there will be opportunities for staff to be reassigned across countries, regions and global staffing teams, an important part of the plan will be to define roles and responsibilities across functions and HR for decision-making throughout the process. The Workforce Director will execute a cross-departmental talent management plan that meets the needs of both Integra functional teams and the offices that receive Integra to deliver and sustain Integra as a core operational system.

Key Responsibilities:

•Lead the development of an Integra Workforce Strategy and Plan: Partner with Integra, Finance, Supply Chain, Grants Management and CRRD Management to build out an Integra Workforce Strategy and Plan.

The plan will be multi-year and anticipate country needs and resources as well as consider career pathing for staff. It will include employee development and succession planning to create a multi-level, multi-year plan that attracts the best staff balanced with country level needs.

•Lead Execution of the Workforce Staffing Plan: Partner with management and functional leads to identify and hire the Integra Deployment Team and backstopping options with transition plans for affected offices where needed. Key responsibilities include:

•Ensure overall HR alignment with Integra program direction: Ensure that IRC HR employees are optimized to support Integra staffing needs. Ensure that HR processes are aligned and coordinated vertically –from the country, regional and global levels- and horizontally -across recruitment, compensation and benefits, learning and development.

•Work with HR on a staff development, new staff identification and recruitment approach: Ensure the approach leverages tools and technology to identify candidates and develop creative staffing solutions for open resource requests and capture related activities. Provide guidance to members on available learning and growth opportunities across the IRC.

•Develop a menu of country backstopping options and contingencies to mitigate the impact of potential workforce expansion needs during deployment: Country program staffing and support needs will vary. The Integra Workforce Lead will develop and staff a menu of options for country programs to draw from to ensure a smooth system deployment and sustainable transition with minimal disruptions to program delivery to clients.

•Develop and maintain relationships with leadership across HQ and CRRD: Help ensure appropriate engagement is happening across the organization regarding Integra Workforce transitions. Work with HR Regional Vice Presidents, Regional and Country HR representatives to understand individual country and office needs and transitions. Partner with key business leaders and members to ensure successful workforce transitions to meet all parties' staffing needs, which may include identifying creative staffing alternatives or long-term planning.

Job Requirements:

•Have a deep understanding of the IRC organization, its business and culture across HQ and CRRD locations.

•2+ years of experience within the IRC either in senior HR or senior country management

•Substantial and increasingly responsible professional experience (Min 8-10+ years)

•Significant experience working in or supporting country offices

•Bachelor’s degree or equivalent

•Excellent verbal and written communication skills (i.e. day-to-day discussions, team meetings, presentations, written status updates, etc.), as well as, an overall ability to be clear and concise in all communications

•Strong organizational and time-management skills; proven ability to prioritize and deliver on time

•Strong analytic problem-solving skills

•Ability to work both independently and in a dynamic, cross-functional global team structure

•Proficient in Microsoft Office suite

•Demonstrated ability to work effectively with stakeholders at all levels

•Ability to manage and work through change

•Fluent written and verbal English; proficiency in additional IRC languages are a distinct advantage.

Working Environment:

Due to COVID restrictions, dependent on the location of the successful candidate this role may be home-based or office based.

The IRC and IRC workers must adhere to the values and principles outlined in IRC Way - Standards for Professional Conduct. These are Integrity, Service, Equality, and Accountability. In accordance with these values, the IRC operates and enforces policies on Beneficiary Protection from Exploitation and Abuse, Child Safeguarding, Anti Workplace Harassment, Fiscal Integrity, and Anti-Retaliation.

IRC et les employés de IRC doivent adhérer aux valeurs et principes contenus dans le IRC WAY (normes de conduite professionnelle). Ce sont l’Intégrité, le Service, et la Responsabilité. En conformité avec ces valeurs, IRC opère et fait respecter les politiques sur la protection des bénéficiaires contre l’exploitation et les abus, la protection de l’enfant, le harcèlement sur les lieux de travail, l’intégrité financière, et les représailles.

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