Sales & E-commerce Coordinator

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As the Sales & E-commerce Coordinator you will be responsible for carrying out
planning, management and coordination activities to maximize sales, setting goals aligned
with Intiwawa's objectives. In this regard, you will be responsible for designing and
executing the sales strategies for our Madres Luchadoras project. You will report to the
General Manager, the Coordinator and the Project Leader with the objective of increasing
the sales of Intiwawa's products.


● Create and execute a sales plan both online and with European & American partners and
● Keep up-to-date inventory control (stock of finished products).
● Coordinate with the project coordinator and leader to establish goals and innovative sales
strategies for new products.
● Define and implement Sales policies and procedures.
● Assist the Textile Project Leader and trainer in picking-up and inspecting products, as well
as maintaining quality control standards on incoming products.
● Receive and process sales orders, contact customers to answer questions and send order

Business development:
● Research online sales opportunities for Intiwawa’s products.
● Find local stores, boutiques, hotels, fairs and markets to sell Intiwawa’s products.
● Research and initiate product collaborations with local organizations/companies.
● Work closely with the fundraising coordinator to develop products to run with campaigns.
● Manage Intiwawa’s e-shop, in coordination with the marketing team and finance
● Research ways to find more traffic to Intiwawa’s e-shop.

● Excellent English and Spanish skills, written and spoken
● Previous experience in sales and ecommerce
● Exceptional interpersonal and customer service skills
● Excellent organizational, communication and coordination skills.
● High level of initiative, leadership and confidence
● Ability to work both independently and in a multicultural/collaborative environment
● Minimum 6 months commitment

● The position is voluntary (unpaid) and part-time (around 20 hours/week)
● Flexible, unconventional schedule
● Low-cost housing available
● Work-related expenses are covered
● A letter of reference and certificate will be provided at the end of the term

How to apply

To apply, please send a letter of motivation, CV and your criminal record certificate to