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UNOPS has been selected, through a competitive bidding, as the Trust Fund Manager (TFM) of the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) in its second phase 2016-2022, based in Geneva (hereinafter referred to as the “Fund”).
The Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) is a partnership that involves Governments of around 51 Least Developed Countries (LDCs), around twenty four (24) donor countries, and eight (8) Agencies: the International Trade Center (ITC) ,the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) , the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the World Bank(WB), the World Trade Organization (WTO), the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). The EIF is financed through a multilateral Trust Fund managed by a Trust Fund Manager. The Trust Fund Manager shall act as a trustee, disburse financial resources
allocated to approved projects, provide reporting on all financial aspects of the Trust Fund, and fulfil its Full Fiduciary Responsibility (FFR) as per its TORs for the Second Phase of EIF as approved by the EIF Board. The Trust Fund Manager works closely with the Executive Secretariat (ES) of the EIF and is responsible to the EIF Board.
To perform its FFR, the TFM will rely on the Regional Portfolio Managers based in Africa (Dakar and Nairobi) and in Asia (Bangkok).

** Functional Responsibilities

Under the supervision of the TFM Executive Officer (EO) and in accordance with UNOPS policies, procedures and practices, the Regional Portfolio Manager is responsible, from the fiduciary/managerial perspective, for assessing the implementing entities, providing and facilitating capacity building, monitoring and supervising the implementation of projects funded by the EIF in the countries assigned to him or her. The responsibilities assigned to the Regional Portfolio Manager include:
 Review and support the conclusion of the agreements with Government institutions of the Least Developed Countries that are within his/her portfolio.
 Review and support the conclusion of cooperation agreements with any of the EIF Partner
Agencies if they intervene in the countries within his/her portfolio.
 Ensure close coordination and cooperation with ES Coordinators relevant to his/her portfolio to ensure the optimum support to the beneficiary countries.
 Carry out the initial assessment of the Main Implementing Entities including the assessment of the implementation capacity, financial management and IT Systems, human resources services, procurement, monitoring and supervision capacities.
 Participate in the appraisal of Tier 1 and Tier 2 project proposals.
 Encourage ownership of projects by the beneficiary countries.
 Advise on capacity building and training with the aim of building on and leveraging local human resources and skills.
 Monitor all aspects of project progress and implementation from fiduciary perspective.
 Undertake supervision, review and other periodic missions (as per the agreed upon plans) to assess the physical and financial progress of the projects as well as the adherence to fiduciary procedures agreed upon in the agreement with the country and reflect observations and recommendations in mission reports in line with the template available within EIF/TFM.
 Review and report on the procurement of goods, services and civil works and recruitment of personnel or consultants undertaken by the project.
 Liaise regularly with implementing partners, relevant government officials, local donor facilitator, relevant partner agencies involved and any other local actor concerned by the EIF funded projects.
 Examine the annual work plans and budgets to ensure that they are in line with the financing agreements and the objectives of the projects.
 Review audit, progress and financial reports to ensure that the project is implemented in accordance with the funding agreements and government’s established regulations.
 Assist the project for setting up the necessary administrative, financial and monitoring structures to ensure a smooth project start-up to effectively implement and wrap-up the activities at project closure.
 Maintain regular contact with the implementing partner(s) of the project to ensure that implementation is in accordance with the budget as well as the applicable rules and procedures.
 Assist the project in addressing implementation constraints in terms of administrative and fiduciary issues.
 Review for approval the application for disbursement of funds submitted by the projects is accompanied by the required documentation and that the provisions of the grant agreements are respected and executed.
 Ensure that the utilization of funds is in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations.
 Investigate and advise on any concerns encountered in relation to the administration of funds allocated to the project.
 Facilitate knowledge sharing at the regional and sub-regional levels.
 Coordinate and organize training events in line with TFM’s responsibilities at the regional or sub-regional levels and in coordination with EIF Secretariat.
 Prepare mission plans on quarterly basis or as requested by EO.
 Coordinate mission plans with ES Coordinators such mission to promote Joint missions as much as possible.
 Prepare Supervision Mission TORs for review and clearance by the EO.
 Complete mission reports; no later than one month after completion of the supervision mission, for approval by the EO then ensure its uploading in the TFM Hub system.
 Assist, if so requested by the Executive Officer, in the preparation and completion of narrative reporting and Audits related to EIF/TFM.
 Report in a timely manner on any potential conflict of interest, misuse of funds or potential corruption within the projects in his/her portfolio.
 Participate in the establishment and harmonization of assessment, supervision, monitoring, evaluation and reporting documents and methods and make use of these documents once they are in place and approved by EO.
 Ensure a permanent cooperation and coordination with the TFM office in Geneva, and through the TFM Office, with the EIF Executive Secretariat as required.
 Manage the TFM office in the (sub) region including the human, technical and financial resources made available to the concerned office, its effectiveness and timeliness of work.
 Ensure that the Independence and Neutrality of the UN and the regulations, rules and procedures applicable to UNOPS operations are adhered to and implemented.
 Facilitate team work and a smooth circulation of information among all the staff involved in the TFM functions in other sub-regions and in Geneva.
 Other duties as directed or as may be necessary to ensure the effective delivery of the EIF Trust Fund Manager's full fiduciary responsibilities.
Impact of Results:
The work of the RPM will enhance the outputs of the EIF program and specifically improve the result of TFM mandate and the image of UNOPS. His/her work results will contribute to enhance the involvement of high level decisions makers in the planning and orientation of the program at global and field levels, the delivery of TFM full fiduciary responsibilities as well as the improvement of projects technical formulation and fiduciary packaging. This will facilitate the review and approval process of the EIF board. Tier 1 and Tier 2 Projects approved by the EIF board will greatly contribute to strengthen the capacities of LDCs and to reduce poverty by better mainstreaming trade into government priorities and development agenda and contributing to mobilize additional resources for LDCs. The orientation and supervision of the operations will certainly contribute to improve UNOPS management of the EIF project. Effective and continuous development of professional working relationship with government senior officials and partners in the UN agencies, private sector and civil society will improve UNOPS image at LDCs and partners’ level.

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