Animal Health Officer - OIE SRR Bangkok, Thailand

Closing date

Positioning and reporting

Based in Bangkok, Thailand

Under the supervision of the Sub-Regional Representative for South East Asia.

Contract duration: 1 year

Salary: 2,700-3,100 euros nets per month depending on experience

Job purpose

The Animal Health Officer supports the implementation of TADs projects including the SEACFMD Campaign by planning, coordinating and ensuring the delivery of activities. The Animal Health Officer also provides monitoring and evaluation of the project to ensure the achievement of the project’s outputs and ensure communication and reporting on the project’s implementation. The project officer also contributes to maintaining working relations with stakeholders in the SEACFMD region and promoting the visibility of the OIE.

Missions and activities

  • Provide technical support for the OIE SEACFMD Campaign and other TADs activities, which include but are not limited to disease surveillance, control and prevention, risk assessments, vaccination campaigns, outbreak investigations, and disease control plan strategy development;

  • Draft progress and annual reports to OIE SRR-SEA in accordance with donor requirements;

  • Oversee and monitor activities being implemented by other Project partners;

  • Liaise with other international organisations in the region for a coordinated effort towards FMD and other TADs control;

  • Maintain working relations with stakeholders in the SEACFMD region, including but not limited to: the OIE Delegates, SEACFMD and TADs National Coordinators, members of the National disease Control Committees, members of the National Project Training Programme, other Government officials, industry and farmers;

  • Coordinate the planning and records of meetings and maintain a data base of actions;

  • In agreement with the Sub-Regional Representative, participate in all major relevant regional and international meetings, seminars and conferences, and promote the visibility of the OIE as an independent, scientific and highly professional center of excellence throughout the South-East Asia.

In addition, the Sub-Regional Representative for South East Asia may, when necessary, assign to the incumbent any other duties, responsibilities and activities within her area of competence.

Qualifications and Experience


  • A degree in Veterinary Medicine, and with MS or PhD is an adavantage;

  • Publications in international academic journals .;

  • Two to Five years of work/research experience with at least 1 year exposure in an international arena;

  • Experience in the management of animal health programmes.


Technical skills:

  • Skills in technical and scientific animal health management, including development of surveillance designs, data analysis and interpretation of diagnostic tests ;

  • Knowledge and understanding of the nature and epidemiology of FMD and other TADs;

  • Excellent spoken and written English including scientific report writing;

  • Proficient in the use of office computer software (word processing, spreadsheet, database, internet and e-mail and presentations);

  • Knowledge of Geographic Information System.

Interpersonal skills:

  • Excellent communication, facilitation, and analytical skills;

  • Strong organisational and coordination skills;

  • Capacity to work in a team within an international environment.

Working conditions

Generally, this position will follow the working conditions and benefits set for OIE staff as international civil servants. In addition, being based in Bangkok, Thailand, the position will also follow general Thai Labour Law working conditions. Minimum 40 hours for 5 days in a week with 25 days statutory leave annually.

How to apply

General Information

The OIE places high value on a multicultural and positive work environment. The OIE is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes applications of all qualified candidates, irrespective of their ethnic origin, gender, opinions, or beliefs.

If you are interested in the position, please complete your application online by 26 April at the latest by clicking on the link below.


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