International Consultant--Review of Training Module for Peacebuilding and Social Cohesion for Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

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In 2017, hundreds of thousands of Rohingya people fled violence in Myanmar by crossing the border into Cox’s Bazar, creating an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. Over the past three years UNICEF has worked closely with the Government of Bangladesh and partners from key sectors – health, nutrition, WASH, protection, education and CwC (Communicating with Communities) -- under the Inter Sector Coordination Group (ISCG) to provide life-saving humanitarian services and promote healthy behaviors in the Rohingya camps. Peacebuilding and social cohesion among Rohingya refugees and host communities is one of the key interventions.

The Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs (CCP) in Bangladesh has served as a key Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) partner to UNICEF in promoting health behaviors and uptake of services in the Rohingya camps. CCP has implemented three consecutive phases of integrated communication and capacity development programs in Cox's Bazar with the technical and financial support of UNICEF.

In Phase 4, CCP will support the adaptation of training module that will be used to train UNICEF’s C4D partners in peacebuilding and social cohesion.


CCP is seeking an technical expert to support the CCP team (comprised of staff in Baltimore, Dhaka, and Cox’s Bazar) and a national consultant in the adaptation of a training module on peacebuilding and social cohesion. The module will be used by Bangladeshi facilitators to conduct six trainings for government, NGO, and UNICEF staff. The objectives of the training are to:

· Strengthen the skills of government, NGOs, and UNICEF staff to catalyze dialogue on peacebuilding and social cohesion issues.

· Enhance their capacity for analyzing social cohesion issues and developing, facilitating, and coordinating social cohesion actions.

Scope of work and key responsibilities

The technical expert will:

· Meet with the national consultant and CCP team virtually to understand the situation and advise the team on a process for adaptation;

· Support the national consultant in:

  • Setting realistic and achievable objectives for the training;
  • Identifying content gaps to be addressed, and directing the team to relevant resources and best practices to fill these content gaps;
  • Applying interactive training methodologies that are appropriate to the content and the audience; and,

· Review two drafts of the module and provide specific feedback.


· Written recommendations for the adaptation of the training module

· Review of the training module drafts (two rounds)


· University degree in related field.

· Minimum of 5 years’ experience of relevant work in areas such as peacebuilding, social cohesion, international conflict resolution.

Preferred qualifications:

· Experience in providing training in humanitarian settings, particularly for peace building and social cohesion

· A strong knowledge of the Rohingya refugee and humanitarian crisis or other international humanitarian crises.

How to apply

To apply, send CV and cover letter to Paula Stauffer at