Sierra Leone

AQHED-SL Summative Evaluation Consultant

Closing date

King’s College London wishes to contract a consultant to undertake a summative evaluation of the Assuring Quality Education project in Sierra Leone (AQHED-SL).

The AQHEd-SL project has a duration of three and a half years (2018 – 2021) supported by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) under the Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education (SPHEIR) Programme.

In recent history, Sierra Leone’s higher education system has been negatively affected by numerous factors, including poor financing, limited staff training opportunities, ailing research infrastructure and the lack of an effective quality management system. This has led to difficulties for lecturers in tertiary education to align course content with the needs of the job market and the aspirations of the growing number of students. Since the end of the civil conflict in 2002, which greatly impacted the education sector, Sierra Leone has been introducing educational reforms. Consequently, there have been record level admissions in schools and tertiary institutions increasing pressure on faculties and funding. Gaps remain despite these reforms, especially in tertiary institutions, which normally prepare students for professional jobs. The AQHEd-SL project aims to address these challenges and bring about systemic changes to restore stakeholders’ confidence in education as an agent of change within the country.

The Assuring Quality Higher Education in Sierra Leone (AQHEd-SL) project brings together 7 higher education institutions across Sierra Leone, the Tertiary Education Commission and 2 local and 3 international technical partners to work together to enhance the quality of higher education service delivery, leading to improved management and implementation of outcome based education. The partnership seeks to overhaul the higher education sector in Sierra Leone through systemic reforms, structural processes, capacity strengthening and innovative systems to assure quality higher education that is responsive to stakeholder interests and expectations. AQHEd-SL has supported the development of governance frameworks, policy instruments, institutional management capacities, educational resources and the staff delivery capabilities required for effective outcome-based education in participating institutions. The project is laying the foundation for innovative teaching and learning systems.

The summative evaluation will assess impact, outcomes and lessons learned. The evaluation should take a participatory and utilization focused approach and use both quantitative and qualitative methods to gather primary data from project participants and beneficiaries in partner institutions and other key stakeholders.

These terms of reference in this link set out the scope and details of the work to be undertaken.

How to apply

To apply for this consultancy please send the following documents to the Project Director, Mr Samuel Weekes: copying the Project and MEL Manager: Hannah Lewis

  • Cover letter: A (max.2 page) letter addressing the evaluation criteria and indicating availability during the proposed evaluation time frame.

  • CVs: Copy of CV for the consultant(s) who will undertake the evaluation, detailing relevant experience (max 4 sides of A4 each).

  • Technical proposal: Max 4,000 words, that addresses the attached ToR, this should include the consultant’s (or consultants’) understanding of the TOR and its objectives; the proposed methodology and analytical framework (linked to the evaluation questions); work plan/schedule, main risks and how these will be mitigated. In the context of COVID-19, proposals should outline strategies for adapting ways of working where necessary.

  • Financial proposal: including consultant(s) itemised daily consultancy costs, data collection and other associated costs, as deemed appropriate. Proposals should be in GBP.

  • Two examples of similar evaluation reports written by the applicant. If these were co-authored then please include a description of the role of the name consultant)

It is King’s College London's policy that all British consultants complete a DBS check prior to starting work.