COAR Analyst - Open Call

Closing date

Position Title: Analyst
Position Location: Remote
Timeframe: subject to funding availability

Overview: This Scope of Work (SoW) outlines the Analyst consultancy with the Center for Operational Analysis and Research (COAR). The Analyst will produce deliverables (as outlined below) through an understanding of both the Syrian context/conflict and the donor-funded humanitarian and development responses. The analyst will be expected to support multiple tasks and projects through fast-paced, real-time collection of qualitative data and analytical writing and team work.

About COAR: COAR is an independent social enterprise that directly supports practitioners, policy-makers, and donors by facilitating humanitarian and development interventions in complex, fragile, and high-risk environments. COAR delivers neutral and objective research and analysis, which identifies - but does not influence - local stakeholders, relationships, interests, and analyses broader political, economic, social, and security dynamics and trends. COAR research leverages social media, personal networks, field research teams, and local experts in order to map and translate the local human context; COAR analysis synthesises and studies this data in order to inform both programmatic and strategic decision-making, reduce security and conflict-sensitivity risks, and increase the impact of humanitarian, development, stabilisation, peace-building, and peacekeeping initiatives.

● To support/lead on short-form reporting and longer-form, longitudinal, thematic papers that focus on key topics, to include: security/conflict, governance, regional interventions, economics, society, extremism and radicalisation, and humanitarian/development dynamics.
● To lead, support, and collaborate to ensure the timely submission of high-quality deliverables.
● To provide well-researched, evidence-based insight and programmatically-relevant recommendations using a variety of qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

● Initiate, support, or collaborate with other analysts to ensure an active tracking of trends with regards to military/security, political, economic, social, service provision, regional intervention, and humanitarian developments in Syria;
● Collaborate with other team members and donors/clients to develop research plans, methodologies, and timelines for thematic research;
● Develop and maintain a sophisticated understanding of the development/humanitarian response to the Syria conflict, to include political red-lines, sectoral risks, and client/donor objectives at the strategic and programmatic level;
● Prepare and deliver independent and joint briefings and presentations to senior stakeholders, tailored to audience interests and sensitivities;
● Develop and articulate original ideas with respect to both Syria and the international response; internally propose and advocate for research topics of interest; when necessary,
lead and design research, collaborate to oversee recruitment of external consultants, lead structural/editorial review, support on design of infographics and layout, and ensure final deliverables are high quality;

● Support COAR’s data visualization and analytics by collaborating with COAR research team, information management, and analytic focal points to identify qualitative data collection opportunities.
● Advise/implement stakeholder and community mapping and profiling, and political economy analysis, with an emphasis on client/donor/project specifications and objectives;
● Independently collaborate with other COAR project teams, researchers, and support functions;
● Support in-depth thematic research, project/sectoral document review, and literature review where and as needed.

● Develop and implement research plans based on client-requests, conduct primary and secondary research, and produce varied political economy analyses of communities, systems, stakeholders, etc.
● Respond to ad-hoc requests for information (written and oral);
● Oversee and draft a range of analytical deliverables, to include:

  • conflict analysis;
  • conflict sensitivity assessments;
  • sectoral research;
  • reporting and longitudinal analysis on themes such as: security/conflict, governance, regional interventions, economics, society, and humanitarian/development dynamics and interventions;
  • safeguarding/programmatic risk assessments; and
  • In collaboration with relevant team members, qualitative data collection and analysis;

● Take lead in drafting and producing COAR deliverables, including the Weekly Syria Update, Thematic and Situational Reports, and Scenario Plans, as requested.
● Collaborate with other team members;
● Ensure high-quality deliverables (to include English language grammar and syntax).
● Present verbal updates and briefings on Syria to COAR clients, partners, donors, and other associated stakeholders.

Qualifications and Experience
The ideal candidate for COAR Analyst consultancy will have:
● A Master’s degree in Political Science, International Affairs/Relations, Middle East Studies, Public Policy, Anthropology, Sociology, Journalism, or a related field. Additional postgraduate research, including PhD candidacy, is desirable.
● Three to five years of experience collecting and analyzing qualitative data for media outlets, think tanks, research organisations, or NGOs. Experience working on sensitive topics is desirable.
● Journalistic experience would be considered as an advantage
● Demonstrated knowledge of the Syrian context.
● Demonstrated understanding of donor-funded humanitarian, early recovery, stabilisation, and/or development architecture.
● Demonstrated ability and/or willingness to work under tight deadlines, provide real-time data points and analysis with accuracy under pressure, and off-work hours.
● Commitment to discretion and confidentiality.

How to apply

This is an open call for CVs. If you believe you fit the criteria above, please send your CV to, listing “COAR Analyst” in the subject line.

Due to the high volume of applications, only successful candidates will be contacted.

All applications will be treated with the strictest confidentiality.