Solid Waste Specialist (Integrated Waste Management – IWM)

Closing date

§ Identify, evaluate and map the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the solid waste in the 12 Palestine refugee camps in Lebanon, based on technical surveys/tests and field visits; Develop SW technical guidelines and standards for the Palestinian Camps compatible with the SW strategies and produced SWOP.

§ Map the existing solid waste systems and other sanitation services in each camp in collaboration with GIS officer and based on existing GIS information;

§ Quantify the SW categories produced inside the 12 Palestine refugee camps in Lebanon, including household, slaughterhouse, industrial, medical, wastewater, electronic and construction with sustainable solutions adapted to each context (extended to municipality and region’s current situation);

§ Evaluate the feasibility of reducing, recycling and re-using SW, etc... in each of the 12 Palestine refugee camps in Lebanon, including the economic potentials in close collaboration with internal and external expertise in the SW domain ;

§ Review of the SW consultants’ studies, reports, and the camps’ solid waste operational plans, integrate the UNRWA regional SW management strategy for operational intervention; and establish the techniques ad mechanisms of their implementation with aftermath monitoring and evaluation.

§ Develop and actively participate in a SW pilot project in a selected Palestine refugee camp to be integrated within the EH Strategy;

§ Evaluate and map major risks of pollution inside and outside the camps related to SW and wastewater, (in collaboration with the Hydrogeologist and Environmental specialist);

§ Collaborate with other environmental sectors on water, WW, SW, air, land, energy and climate.

§ Support project management works with stakeholders and partners (NGOs, private consultants, and contracting companies)

§ Technical support for UNRWA sanitary engineer in the management and supervision of the environmental health program in the 12 camps, evaluate the needs for the SW improvement (human, logistic, project and financial resources); data collection, procurement and distribution plans, etc…

§ Develop and contribute to the Capacity Building programme of UNRWA personnel, including development of necessary training materials and identification of relevant partners; Organize and implement technical workshops for UNRWA personnel on integrated waste management;

§ Participate in internal and external meetings and trainings organized by the EHD team and/or as may be required by supervisor;

§ Assist in the preparation of BOQs, cost estimates as may be required by supervisor for the related sanitation services;

§ Prepare needs assessment with relevant action plans and activities;

§ Develop synergies with the Disaster Risk Reduction programme in Lebanon

§ Prepare monthly reports and/or as may be directed by supervisor.

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